kidino-stand.jpgHey, this is Kidino.

I created this gallery because I am just so into Mini-Sites. Yes, the design, the money-making opportunity, all of it. In fact, this is not even my first website about mini-sites. My other website about mini-sites is DIYMiniSite.com (go on, check it out).

Anyway, with MiniSiteGallery.com, I want to gather as many web designers that does designs for mini sites and direct response websites. If that is you, then you can come here and submit your design templates to be showcased in this gallery. Apart from getting huge exposure (I am sure you will), this is also the time to be giving back to the community…

And I also want this to become a place for design inspiration. If you are just lacking in idea, then perhaps we can help you produce more creative juice with other designs submitted by other designers.

Lastly, for all mini site marketers out there, isn’t it great to be able to make money by churning out easy to make websites? And now, you can choose from a number of mini site templates available in this gallery, professionally designed by talented designers, and get your mini site up and running in minutes. You can be sure that the designs are outstanding because I manually approve them… (talk about QC – LOL)

Anyway… I hope you enjoy your stay… And please do send friends over. 😉

11 Responses to “About”

  1. russellstutely said:


    Great site and even better idea.. well done!


  2. fani said:

    Hi, I’ve tried one of your free opt-in samples and honestly as a graphic designer am quite disappointed in the visual quality of your products.

    They are way too loud and noisy and in this loud and noisy marketing landscape this is the last thing a consumer needs.

    I also have found out that it’s impossible to get my request to unsubscribe from your database fulfiilled…

    How come if you are so much into building lists you
    don’t freely offer your subscribers the option to unsubscribe at the end of your emails?

    Please take me off all your databases.


    Fani Nicheva
    Art Director
    Bigfish Smallpond Design

  3. admin said:


    Thanks for visiting the sites, minisitegallery.com and optindesign.com. I have no problems with your comments. Infact, I welcome them…

    But about getting unsubscribed, I use GetResponse for optindesign.com. And they are pretty strict about the CAN-SPAM. There are unsubcribe links in all emails I send. GR will put it there automatically.

    You should be able to do it yourself.

  4. buehrle said:

    Hello Kidino,

    it ‘s a great job that you have done. I just use your Mini-Sites-Template, because the design is verry well!

    I only have one problem. The syllables “ä, ü, ö and ß” is in and not right in use. Can you have a look and give me some help?

    greetings from germany!
    vertriebserfolg (@) arcor.de

  5. maxilog said:

    Hi Iszuddin,

    The 7 mini-site templates look gorgeous!

    I am currently at an hospital and will undergo a major surgery tomorrow
    morning! If all goes well, I’d like to propose you the following:

    1) I translate all the resources of this 7 mini-site set into Portuguese.
    The resources include the content for the mini-sites, any associated
    instructions, marketing e-mails, websites associated, etc. free of any

    2) You host everything in your servers and market the Portuguese version
    also. This means all sales, etc., would be made from your servers under you=

    3) There are close to 220,000,000 speakers worldwide, in Portugal, Brazil,
    Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde Islands, East Timor (close to you. They now
    have petrol!), S. Tome e Principe. Besides there are several million
    Portuguese speaking immigrants in virtually all the countries of the world.
    Look for one close to where you live, and you’ll find one! Guaranteed.

    4) If you manage to make any sale, you give me one copy of the 7 Mini-Sites=
    That’s all!

    Is that a deal?
    If you accept my proposal, I’ll be ready to start working on this project
    within a week, maybe less!

    Kind Regards,
    Jos=E9 Fonseca

    PS: If we are successful in this mini-project and you agree, we could
    cooperate in other future projects, like localizing other products you may
    have into the Spanish Language… Close to 350,000,000 native speakers
    worldwide, with an extra 50,000,000 speakers as a second language!

  6. BradP said:

    Will you please point me in the right direction for splitting up these photoshop files into their natural jpeg components (e.g. appropriate sized header, footer, border)? I have tried going in photoshop to “scripts” >> “export layers to files”, and then choosing jpegs, but that gives me about 20 images of the wrong size and the layers that I need to be combined become separated.

    I see some horizontal lines going across the screen which probably indicate a way to split up the image, but I can’t figure out how. Can you please give me a hint? I’ve been searching everywhere 🙁

  7. Money Making Mini-website | 7Wins.eu said:

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  8. erolpic said:

    Querido Colega mi nombre es Rafa:

    Mi datos de la compra son:

    ID de transacción: 2KT109211N3027356

    Fecha de compra: 08:55:32 24 de noviembre 2011 PST

    tengo un problema y me gustaría que me ayudaras con tu producto, ya que me corre prisa.


    He estado probando tu producto de la plataforma de pagos con IPN a través de mi sitio web en miarroba culla dirección te dejo a continuación:


    1º- no me viene ningún archivo adicional a los archivos del ejemplo que presentas en tu web.
    2º- PayPal me suelta el siguiente error a la hora de pagar por sandbox-PayPal:
    El vendedor sólo acepta pagos en un sitio Web codificado. No puede pagar al vendedor con botones no codificados. Póngase en contacto con el vendedor para obtener más información.
    No podemos procesar su solicitud en este momento. Vuelve a rafa occelli’s Test Store y pruebe con otra opción.

    3º- la siguiente plataforma de pagos con IPN que presentas como producto no encripta los botones lo que es un fallo de seguridad.
    4º- No me escribe nada en el log de ipn por lo que pienso que no entra ni en el ipn.

    Por favor comunicame una solución lo antes posible que ando muy necesitado de tus sabios consejos, ya que en estos momentos me siento un poco engañado y no me gustaría pensar que me han estafado, un saludo Rafa.

    PD: mi email es cosm2occelli@hotmail.com

  9. mauriciotesta said:

    Olá Kidino gostaria de saber como editar as imagens do mini sites pois sou brasileiro e gostaria de mudar cabeçalho para português,como fazer?Obrigado e aguardo resposta,Maurício Testa,Brasil.

  10. sosimple said:

    I translated the previous two posts to english incase it will help. I used “Bing” to do the translations:

    erolpic said:

    Dear colleague my name is Rafa:

    My purchase details are:

    Transaction ID: 2KT109211N3027356
    Purchase date: 08: 55: 32 November 24, 2011 PST

    I have a problem and I would like you to help me with your product, I run it hurry.


    I’ve been testing your product in the platform of payments with IPN through my web site in miarroba culla address I leave you below:


    1 – no Springs no additional files to files of the example that you present on your website.
    2-PayPal I loose the following error when it comes to paying for sandbox-PayPal:
    The seller only accepts encrypted website payments. You can’t pay the seller with non-encrypted buttons. Please contact the seller for more information.
    We can not process your request at this time. Back to rafa occelli’s Test Store and try another option.

    3 – the next platform of payments with IPN that you present as a product does not encrypt the buttons which is a security flaw.

    4Th – I write anything in the log of ipn by what I think it does not fit or ipn.

    Please comunicame a solution as soon as possible I’m very need of your wise advice, now I feel a little cheated and I like to think that I have been cheated, Rafa greetings.

    PS: my email is cosm2occelli@hotmail.com

    Posted on November 25th, 2011 at 2: 30 am

    mauriciotesta said:

    Hello would like to know how to edit Kidino pictures of mini sites because I’m Brazilian and I would like to change the header to Portuguese, how to do?

    Thank you and I look forward to reply, Maurício Testa, Brazil.

    Posted on January 1, 2012 at 12:20 am


  11. Roney said:

    Hello, I was wondering if could put my product on these sites and sell to my customers to resell?

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