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By admin

13 Responses to “Aggressive Blue”

  1. grbhfng said:

    I would like to do a Web 2.0 Color Slide, and maybe add optional Cover Images, CD/DVD.

    After would these be OK for submission ?

  2. admin said:

    Sure. That’ll be alright. Just send it in so I can have a look at it.

  3. trim said:

    Very good technique!

  4. pinpointsm said:

    How can I get hold of the designers of these templates as I would like to make use of some of them, this one in particular, but I need some one to make modifications to the template for me.

    I can be contacted at info (at)


  5. admin said:

    If you are talking about this, then this is mine. If you are talking about other templates, some includes infos about them in the template page. Just look them up..

  6. harry0212 said:

    it’s Nice Template 🙂

  7. Hasan Basri said:

    Tank You!!!!!

  8. sdarijanto said:


  9. syachrul said:
  10. trags-x said:

    thumbs up bro..

  11. atikahwandi said:

    thank u,…..

  12. kemit said:

    thank U!!!

  13. twowex said:

    this nice!!!

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