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38 Responses to “Biz Blue”

  1. tonychel said:

    Please download the template and let me know what you think f it. If you like it, vote for it πŸ™‚

  2. admin said:

    Tony, you may want to update the details in your Profile so that it appears under that “By tonychel”. You may also want to add a website URL in that Profile.

  3. tonychel said:

    Thanks Kidino. I appreciate that.

  4. neilski said:

    elegance at it’s best! This looks
    professional than the rest.


  5. neilskiread said:

    I have uploaded the file and really looks so good.
    I love it!

    Unfortunately, I don’t have Photoshop to edit them.
    Can we have a set of graphics without text too?


  6. gramps said:

    Get “The GIMP”. It runs on windoze & linux and will handle PSD files just fine! Also many others. And it is FREE!

    Get the windows version at

    Good Luck!

  7. tonychel said:

    Hi neilskiread,

    I forgot to include a set without text. Sorry for that.
    Maybe I could send Kidino again the another zip.

    Thanks for the tip gramps. GIMP will do that.

  8. jsemada said:

    very professional looking and love the colors



  9. tonychel said:

    Thanks jsemada. I’m glad you love it.

  10. trim said:

    Thank a lot for this good job!
    This mini-site is my choice!

  11. dejuan said:

    I like Biz Blue, that’s my choice.

  12. tonychel said:

    great. Thanks trim and dejuan πŸ™‚

  13. admin said:

    Tony, if you’d like to update your ZIP compilation, just send it in. I will upload the new ZIP for this post. You can use the form and put in “Biz Blue – update” as the template name.

  14. ladydia45 said:

    A great looking template … blue and yellow always a standout and the way it is presented with background of a different color on the edges highlights the text in the middle…Good job.

  15. tonychel said:

    Hi Kidino,

    Thanks for giving me chance to upload updated zip.
    I’ll do it sooner.

  16. tonychel said:

    Hello Lydia,

    I’m glad you love my template. I’ll be uploading more sets here
    later. By the way, wait for my biz-blue update zip.


  17. rommel07 said:

    Hi Tony,

    I chose the “Biz Blue” MiniSite template as my No.1 pick! Why? Because of the professional and sleek design, and the “look & feel” is TOPS!

    Thanks for the downloads and more power!


  18. tonychel said:

    hey rommel,

    Thanks for the compliments. Thanks for the vote too.

  19. chelzsky said:

    Thanks Anthony for this awesome template!

    It’s really the exact color scheme I needed for my site and I love it.

  20. mashengky said:

    oh very niceeee… i get one..


  21. brenna said:

    Thanks Tony,
    Lovely template;

  22. Zairi Zaidi said:

    how to edit it?

  23. profit2all said:

    great.. i love it..
    can i have another color?
    biz-green u have??

  24. hadi29 said:

    thanks man

  25. coolboy2000 said:

    Thanks tonychel, this one is my choice!

  26. pachsya said:

    thanks for minisite lovers.

  27. triono said:

    Thank you, beutiful ministe.

  28. seifuu said:

    thank you very much this template is beautiful ,cool! ^_^

  29. Swenne said:

    Thanks. Great template πŸ™‚

  30. eka hayati said:

    Thank you so much, its cool template
    I am just learning start

  31. bintangalrizky said:

    how to change password?

  32. prit90 said:

    after downloading the file ( unzipping it) do I start editing the page USING MY OWN WORDS? THANKS.

  33. syachrul said:

    buring 28072010

  34. syamsul muh said:

    very well

  35. vederica said:


  36. falaq_te said:

    nice template..
    thank you

  37. tonychel said:

    Thank you guys!

  38. edisusanto said:

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