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Dreamhost Review: My Personal Experience with Dreamhost

June 1st, 2011

When people ask me for recommendations on web hosting, I will have to know what kind of website that they have, or going to build. But hearing the answers, 9 out of 10 times, I would simply recommend Dreamhost.

I can confidently recommend Dreamhost because I have been using them since November 2006. Furthermore, Dreamhost is where Minisite Gallery (this website) is hosted since the very first day of our launch. We haven’t moved Minisite Gallery to anywhere else because there was never the need for it. And I should also tell you that since Dreamhost allows unlimited number of domains, MinisiteGallery.com is not the only website I have in this account.

At this point, you know that Dreamhost has my double thumbs up. If you are looking for a web hosting, stop the looking and just head over there and sign up. Use coupon code MSGROCKS and get $40 OFF from your subscription fee.

Dreamhost has been able to cater for all my hosting needs, and I believe they will come through for you too. In my opinion, the web hosting service you get for paying $8.95 per month is worth the money and more.

But a fair warning…

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Curdbee Review: Online Invoicing for Freelancers and Small Businesses

July 17th, 2010

I do a bit of freelancing sometimes. And when you do that, you need to be able to invoice your clients.

Of course, you could just whip a quick invoice in Words or any word processor that you use. But where’s the fun in that?

Now imagine this — invoicing is FUN (yes, apart from getting paid). I want to introduce you to CurdBee.com. That’s what I use for invoicing my clients.

CurdBee.com is an online, web-based invoicing software by a company called Vesses. I am starting to really like this company and the things they do.

I have been checking out online invoicing for some time now. I didn’t really test everything out, but I know about the others like FreshBook, BlinkSale, CashBoard, Zoho and others. But when checking these options out, I am drawn to CurdBee.com.

Why I am drawn to CurdBee.com? One is because of their generosity.

You see, online invoicing software makes money by charging you a monthly fee. But at times they still let you in for a free peek. But these free peek accounts are always limited in some ways. Well CurdBee has a free account that is limited too. But the main difference here is this — While others limit you by how much you can earn with their software, CurdBee does not.

Let me explain.
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A Cool Trick To Affiliate Marketing Review With Videos

July 6th, 2010

I learned this at a forum some time back. And I have to say that it works really great. When promoting affiliate programs, I find that I get more sales per 100 visitors than any other techniques.

It works by creating a video review for an affiliate product, primarily with ebooks on ClickBank. But it does not mean that you have to stop there. You can use this technique with any product that you are promoting as an affiliate.

But I have to tell you that this will require some money to get started.
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Review: Is Lynn Terry’s SelfStartersWeeklyTips.com Elite Member for You (SSWT Elite)?

July 1st, 2010

Before I tell you about SSWT Elite, let me tell you a little bit about my story and how I get started. It’s all related, I promise. Soon, you’ll know why I tell you this…

I remember when I started out years ago. I swayed here and there looking for the right way to make money online. I started out with a little luck when I saw my first ever website made $13 in commission from an affiliate sale. But after that, I got lost…

Back then, you hear this phrase being chime into your ears quite often, “The money is in the list”. What that means is that you need to build yourself a mailing list. A mailing list is almost like a guarantee to a long prosperous business life on the Internet. (that is the half true though)

While still building websites for affiliate commissions, I looked into the option of building my own mailing list. By the way, back then, you were also distracted by other huge online success like Yahoo, Hotmail and the hundreds of Internet business startups during the dot-com bubble. Almost everybody has a “great” idea for the Internet. So did I…
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How To Sell Your eBooks, Files, Downloads with Paypal using UPLOADnSELL.com

April 10th, 2010


UPLOADnSELL.com is my latest venture. Coming from me, I am biased. But I want to say it anyway. UPLOADnSELL.com makes selling ebooks, files, downloads or any other digital products easy. All that you need is your files and a verified Paypal account. After that, all that you have to do is just UPLOAD and SELL.

Though UPLOADnSELL requires no training, no explanation, today I want to give you a walk through on how to use UPLOADnSELL.

At UPLOADnSELL.com, the first thing that you see is a some forms that you need to fill in. They are segmented into four area labeled with numbers from 1 to 4. The first one is about selecting the files that you are selling.

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Building A Mailing List Really Fast And Easy – No JV Required

February 15th, 2010

Building a Mailing List Really Fast & Easy - No JV Required!

A girl called me the other day asking internet marketing questions. And you know what, I think it’s a good topic to cover in my blog… so here it is…

I hope you really read this and take it to heart when it comes to list building…

Here goes..

The girl, let’s call her, Amanda, told me that she is starting to build her list. Well, good for her. It’s good when you are starting to take action…

And she started telling me that it’s not doing so well. She is only getting a few subscribers… and it’s a number that is really frustrating her.

Okay, you may have heard that it’s not about the size of list but rather the relationship you have with them. But then again, you have to look at the way you build your list.

I asked Amanda how she’s building her list…

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Video: How To Create Order Buttons In Photoshop

September 12th, 2009

I decided to do a tutorial on how to create order buttons with Photoshop. I read about order buttons by Ryan Diess where his best order button was 400 pixels wide, orange background with navy blue text and it says “Add To Cart”.

This is what we’ll be doing today.

As for the credit card icons, it’s from Liam McKay of WeFunction.com. You can download your own at http://wefunction.com/2008/07/function-free-icon-set/

I did this in just 10 minutes. The video below was uploaded in HD quality. Do enlarge to full screen for better view.

Click Here To Download PSD Source

Simple IPN: Free Paypal IPN PHP Script for Digital Download Products

August 17th, 2009


UPDATED: 20 June 2014

Simple IPN is now open sourced and can be downloaded from Github. Or you can use the link below.

[ Download ZIP ]

[ Project Repository at Github ]




I was running a class for my Netpreneurs Online Classroom and we got to the part where we are suppose to learn how to deliver our downloadble digital products.

I don’t want to make this complicated for my students. I want to make this simple, but at the same time offers some form security from online thefts. So I started thinking of a simple script that should be able to do the following:

  • Expiring download link
  • Expiring download page
  • Minimum setup
  • No database required
  • Uses Paypal IPN
  • Emails the customers with their download info
  • Customizable download page, thank you page and email
  • Multiple files product package
  • Allows Paypal Sandbox testing
  • No need to create the Paypal Button form – will generate for you
  • Don’t have to understand Paypal IPN – just know that it’s more secure
  • Strict verification process – verifying price, Paypal email address and currency

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Web Design for Netpreneurs Starts July 2, 2009

June 28th, 2009

It’s been three years or so since I last did an online coaching class on web design for netpreneurs. And that itch is here again.

So I will be doing Web Design for Netpreneurs Online Coaching Class starting July 2nd, 2009. The class will cover:

- Photoshop
- A little bit of PHP
- and a few more things.

This will be a 6-week program where you will learn via:

- Video Lessons (in high quality HD video)
- Assignments
- Lesson materials
- Lesson discussions
- Weekly webinar
- and of course, you get direct access to me, Kidino.

Here’s How To Become A Student For Free

Because of the actual time that I will be spending into this class, the class will be sold at $397. And I have to limit the number of students to ensure the quality attention that each students will get.

But there is a way for you get in for free…

To better deliver the course, I need to know what the students really want to learn. Therefore, I am taking as much input as I can on this. Those send me a comment at the link below will stand a chance to become a student for free (and save $397).

Click here to go to my survey page and tell me what you want to learn in Web Design for Netpreneurs.

11 Powerful Free Link Building Tactics

March 28th, 2009

I am building some new sites and generating traffic with SEO. This is kinda my little experiment. My aim is to build a website with $200 budget, outsource all that I can and make it profitable in 90 days. I have two websites up and running right now. I just completed them. Just got started with some SEO.

You know that when it comes to SEO, there’s only three important steps – One, keyword research. Two, website optimization. Three, link building. I am at number three right now. And I discovered 11 different ways to get powerful links coming back to your website — for free.

Article Marketing

I am sure you know this one, right. You write articles and distribute them to article directories. There are hundreds (maybe thousands) of article directories on the Internet. You can submit to them all or at least submit to EzineArticles.com, GoArticles.com and ArticleBase.com.

Link Directories

Well, there are more link directories out there than there are article directories. Getting your website on these article directories sure is an easy way to build backlinks. Some of these directories have high Pagerank, which will help in search engine spider crawls and indexing. Simple searching for “link directories” will give you a lot of options. You may need to prepare some basic info about your site because you are going to need them a lot when you start to submit your website to these directories.

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking sites allow you to share and recommend your favorite sites with others. Who said that the sites has to be other people’s site? You can bookmark your own sites. You can also expect some viral traffic if your site contains really great content that others would appreciate. And because of that, those really good content you have on your blog, make sure you bookmark specifically those pages, not just the main page website. Some social bookmarking sites are like Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit, BlinkList, Furl. You can use SocialMarker.com to help you bookmark your website to more social bookmarking sites faster.

Blog Comments

Yep, you can simply go to other people’s blog and leave your comments there. There are many high PR blogs and does not use the nofollow tag. And even if they use nofollow, remember, MSN and Yahoo don’t care about those… You can still rank well and get traffic from Yahoo and MSN even the blog uses nofollow. When I started Googling around, I found some directories that list out blogs and does not use the nofollow tag. That’s a good place to start looking for blogs to comment to. And make sure you make insightful comments and not to just blantantly promote your site.

Submitting Videos

This is simple. Create and upload videos. One video can be submitted to many, many video sites. You know, YouTube, Metacafe, Viddler, etc… And don’t tell me that videos are hard to create. Just use the free photos from SXC.hu, your website screen shot and the free video editing software in your computer – Movie Maker or iMovie. If you have Camtasia, you can use that too. And your video doesn’t have to be long. 1-2 minute is good enough. And the best part, you can link back to your website.

Now, on with some more interesting tactics…

Profile Pages

Not many really know about this. There are many high authority websites that accepts user registrations. And each user will have their own profile page. Another interesting thing is that you can link to your website from your profile page. Just some that I can list out right now… StumbleUpon.com, MyBlogLog.com, Digg.com, YouTube.com… and also VBulletin powered forums.

RSS Directory

Just like Link Directories, there’s also a type of directory where you can submit your RSS feed URL.

Software Directory

This may sound unrelated, but you can always create some kind of software for your site. There’s this thing called PAD file, where it contains info about your software. What you need is a PAD file creator, and then just use a PAD submitter and you are all done. As for the software, you can create application as simple as compiling a 1-page website into an EXE application.

Satellite Blogs

Instead of getting other websites to link to you, why not just build those yourself. One article is all that you need and you can build blogs on Blogger.com, WordPress.com, Webs.com, Weebly.com, and many more…

Social Pages

This is where you create pages on websites like Squidoo and HubPages. The ultimate is where you can get a link from Wikipedia.

Forum Posting

Quite similar to blog comments, but this time you participate in forums. Just like doing blog comments, I recommend that you participate in the conversion and share something of value. And lastly, I recommend that you link only from your signature.