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WP Affiliate Guide Joins The Prize List

Wednesday, February 27th, 2008

wpaffiliateguide-ss.jpgTeli Adlam is a friend I know from way back when I was in She really is a WordPress pro. I can bet that you can ask her anything about WordPress and she’ll have a solid answer for you…

Teli just contacted me that she’s contributing WP Affiliate Guide to the Contest prizes. WP Affiliate Guide consists of guide, videos, private site access to information on how to use wordpress to build affiliate sites.

WordPress really is a great tool and a powerful content management. Of course it requires a little learning curve. But if you can tame this beast, you can really have a great tool to build optimized affiliate sites faster than ever. And the best thing, WordPress can also help you with traffic.

So, the winner of the Mini-Site Design Contest will also get this. On top of that, there’s also the $500 cash prize, 30-Minute Backlinks and Viral Sales Generator.

More Entries Are In As Dateline Approaches…

Wednesday, February 27th, 2008

Well, it seems like the designers like to wait till the very last minute…

As the dateline approaches for the Mini-Site Design Contest, I am seeing more and more mini site templates being submitted. Apart from my two mini site templates, as of now, you can also see eight others which are

I expect to see a few more before the dateline closes.

What happens after the dateline closes? Well, you can still submit your designs to be showcased in In fact, I welcome them. But it won’t be running for the contest. I am sorry, I laid out the rules clearly. If you want to submit your design, you better be quick.

Oh yeah, and I will also activate the voting and rating plugin. And I need your help to be the judge.

So … who do you think will win?

Viral Sales Generator And 30-Minute Backlink Joins The List Of Prizes For Mini-Site Design Contest

Monday, February 18th, 2008

Here’s good news.

As you know, I am doing all that I can to promote Mini-Site Design Contest. And along that line, I have secured two more prizes from sponsors. These prizes came from Michelle MacPhearson and Peter Koning.

Michelle MacPhearson has contributed her latest product, 30-Minute Backlinks. Selling at $100, this product will show you how to build a massive network of one-way links from high Pagerank sites. All that you need is just 30 minutes. And no technical knowledge is required.

Peter Koning has contributed Viral Sales Generator. Viral Sales Generator is a web software to power the creation and maintenance of a viral membership site. With Viral Sales Generator, you can create a website that offers free memberships, offers one-time offer and reward members for more referrals. What’s great about Viral Sales Generator is its in-depth reporting tool, administration panel and user-friendly member’s panel. Viral Sales Generator is what I use to power my

Win $500 In’s Mini-Site Design Contest

Friday, February 15th, 2008


Alright, I need to get more mini-site templates into this gallery. So I am doing a mini-site design contest. And the late entry date is on 29 February 2008. Mini-site templates submitted after that date will still be included in the gallery, but not for the contest.

After that, I will activate the voting plugin for website visitors to vote for the winner. Last voting date is 31 March 2008. And on 1 April 2008, I will announce the winner.

Recently, I just emailed my list and invited them to join this contest. And I am trying to get more exposure from friends and colleagues too. I also mentioned about sponsorship if anybody is interested. And just this morning, my friend Peter Koning from Viral Sales Generator is contributing a copy of that famous software.

In case you don’t know, VSG is what I use for my

Oh yeah, on top of that, I am also putting aside my own $500 for cash prize.

You can read more about the contest at the gallery.

You can also learn about mini site template submission guideline at my submission page.

Oh yeah… I am still open for sponsors… write in if you’d like to be like Peter Koning to know about that.

ClickBank: How To Sell Multiple Products From Different Websites Using A Single ClickBank Account

Wednesday, February 6th, 2008

clickbanklogo.gifIf you are an existing ClickBank vendor, you must realize that you can define more than one products in your account. The problem is, ClickBank only allows one Hoplink Target URL. If you want to showcase your products like a shopping cart, then that’s fine. But if you want each product to have its own website and sales letter, then you may have a problem.

Fortunately, there’s a way to work around that. By informing your affiliates to add extra data in their hoplink, you can redirect visitors to the right product pages.

Let me elaborate. When you put extra information at the back of your hoplink, ClickBank will also send that information back to your site.