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Four Different Types Of Mini-Sites For Internet Marketing

Friday, March 21st, 2008

Before you get eager about marketing on the Internet with mini-sites, I think you should be clear about the types of mini-sites that you can build. These mini-sites are different, depending on the objective of the site and also the structure.

In general, I consider mini-site as a website that is easy and simple in structure and very narrow (probably deep) in topic.

1 – Sales Letter Mini-Site

This is normally a simple 1-page website (not including download page, support page, etc). It contains a direct response sales copy convincing the website visitors to buy a product.

I am sure you’ve seen a lot of these. You can go to any websites from the ClickBank Marketplace and 99% of them are Sales Letter Mini Sites.

Whatever you do online, ultimately you want to have your own product. You make more money that way. And when you do, this is the type of website you want to have.


Adding Comments To Static HTML Pages

Sunday, March 16th, 2008


When creating mini-sites, most of the times your mini-site is just a static HTML web page (no fancy content management or dynamically update content). In some mini-sites, you may not be selling something at all.

You could be creating a landing page for affiliate programs, a special web page with video, a special ebook download page, etc…

In the past few days, I created a mini-site, with only a few pages. Each page has a video that I created with Camtasia. And I wanted to know what people think of the video. So I thought that I should add a commenting system to the pages.

When you run a blog, you have the commenting system built-in. But with a static page, how do you add a commenting system to it.

I needed that. So I search around looking for a commenting system.

And I found a great one by

Check it out –

What I like about it is that it’s packed with features. You can set it up with Akismet (WordPress’ anti-spam system), Captcha image, IP blocking, flood protection, Text Link Ads integration, word filter and many more.

One feature that I hope they add later is AJAX commenting. With AJAX, perhaps the page doesn’t have to load everytime you add a comment. AJAX commenting is something that you see at You see that you can add a comment, but the video does not reload.

Perhaps I will do another post later explaining what AJAX is all about and how you can use them in your online marketing.

Adding A Forum At

Friday, March 7th, 2008

forum-ss.jpgAlright, so I am adding a forum to

After giving it some thought, I really feel that we need a forum that talks all about mini-sites. I hope you feel that same way, and help me out with this. A forum is not a forum when it doesn’t have members participating, discussing, debating about topics.

I started one thread, asking members about what they think with me adding this forum. Why don’t you step in and tell me what you think.

You know what, I remember a book I need to read. It’s by Patrick O’keefe (who is a *really* accomplished entrepreneur and webmaster). It’s all about starting, marketing, running a forum. I’ll be reviewing this book soon (plus reading it for my own projects). Just thought I’d share this for now.

Let The Voting Begins…

Sunday, March 2nd, 2008

So here comes March 2008. A few designers have submitted their designs to be judged by you.

In the month of March 2008, I want you to rate the designs you see in this gallery. Because by 1 April 2008, one of these designers will walk away with $500 cash prize. Not only that, but also a copy of Viral Sales Generator, a copy of 30-Minute Backlinks and a copy of WP Affiliate Guide.

So, I want you to be honest and rate as many design templates as you can. There are about 15 designs right now. I do hope you can rate all 15…

Who wins … it depends on you…