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4 Best Strategies To Creating Affiliate Bonuses And Cashing In Bigger Commission Checks

Thursday, November 27th, 2008

As an affiliate, when you are up against hundreds of other top affiliates promoting the same things, you final resort is creating irresistible bonuses to lure customers to you instead of your competitors.

In this article, I will share with you quick, easy yet powerful bonus creation strategies so you can capture a bigger piece of the pie, and get yourself bigger affiliate commission checks.

Before jumping into these strategies, I want to give a some general rules that really works with creating affiliate bonuses. I see that some marketers simply pickup PLR products and just throw them at their potential customers. The thing is, those PLR products do not hold any add-on value to that main product they are promoting.

Compliment, that is the word. What ever it is that you offer as your bonus, it has to compliment, enhance, better, work together, or at relate back to your main offer. It makes me laugh when people offer something that really has nothing to do with what they are promoting in the first place.

So, these strategies that I am about to share with you will do just that. And because of that, these are the best affiliate bonus creation strategies.



High Quality Private-Label Video Products By Stephen Luc And Edmund Loh

Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

If you have been keeping your eyes open, you’ll realize that products on the Internet are moving into videos. eBooks are great. They serve its purpose. But videos get people to act, get more conversion, and people want it…

The problem is, to produce a high quality videos without the errr, hmm, or other hiccups, with quality video editing and professional voice over talent… it’s both time-consuming and expensive.

What if you can get your hands on top quality videos that are ready to be sold with private-label rights??

Stephen Luc and Edmund Loh just released a series of high quality PLR videos and I think you should check this out. Each set of videos comes with its own sales website, Powerpoint presentation, AVI and also Flash format.

PLR Gold Videos – High quality private-label video products

Because this is PLR (private label rights), you can do pretty much anything you want with them. And with the AVI version, you can. You can encode them into a VCD or a DVD. And with that, you can sell them on eBay, use Kunaki, sell it offline, sell it at the back table in seminars, use it for your own offline seminars, and many more if you can get creative.

Apart from the selling the videos, you can use them as additional instructional videos to your own product, or your membership site. You can also use them as bonus for other products are to promote affiliate programs.

And with the Powerpoint, you can even expand the existing package with more videos. You can use the Powerpoint as a template and make sure you will be in the same theme with the other videos.

Having a good sure is handy. And I urge you to take a look at this one. Because this really is of high quality, and will be worth the price.

PLR Gold Videos – High quality private-label video products