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5 WordPress Membership Plugins You Can Consider

Thursday, January 29th, 2009

I must be one of the first to come up with this list. But my ezine readers are the ones who got them first (from, and members). A few of my readers have republised the list at forums, and some went on a journey to look them up and research them.

And recently, I asked my ezine subscribers whether I should repost my ezines in this blog. And most of them said yes. In case you are wondering, I asked them about that because I want to share the best with my ezine subscribers. But at the same time, republishing my ezine content is a good way to create content for my blog. I think I write to my ezine readers more than I write my blog.

OK, so this is the first post from my previous ezine… almost exactly.

Alright, I have been looking at the ways you can build a membership site with WordPress. And I found these five WordPress plugins you can consider. I haven’t really check them out though but I think any of these are worth considering.

It seems that each of them are backed with a really hardworking, passionate people. And I suppose they are supported well. That’s what you need when you are considering a new product that no one has created in the past.

I consider WordPress membership plugins are a new thing. There was one by (or last time. But I don’t see it being used anymore. Plus, the website is not even online anymore.

But anyway, you can consider these five… (not in any preferrence order)


Your Members


Member WishList

SUMA Plugin

Normally, when you see any discussion at forums or blogs about WordPress membership solutions, you will some, if not all of these plugin developers fighting for attention. That’s a good thing, right?

Well, I suppose each of them has their own pros and cons (disclaimer: haven’t personally tested them). But from the looks of it, I will tell you this:

wp-Member is very low in price to start with. It supports Paypal, and saying that they are working on Authorize.NET. You can create unlimited subscriptions groups.

Your Member also works with Paypal. And one of a great feature they highlight is being able to call 3rd-party scripts like posting new emails to an autoresponder or maybe for affiliate programs. Their blog has extensive info on further integration and customization. Also has a Download Manager for files.

MemberWing offers a free non-automated version to get you started. But their Premium Editions offers integration to Paypal IPN, PayDotCom and e-Junkie. This also means you can get affiliates to promote your site with PayDotCom and e-Junkie. And with e-Junkie, you can accept 2CheckOut.

WishList Member integrates with Paypal, ClickBank and 1ShoppingCart. And with 1ShoppingCart, you can get your membership site to work with a whole lot more payment options, as long as 1ShoppingCart supports it for recurring.

SUMA plugin works with Website Paypal Pro (only I think). And for that, you will need SSL (or the https). In case you don’t know this yet, Website Paypal Pro is a way for you to accept credit cards using the Paypal infrastructure. This is different from the normal Paypal Button or Paypal Express.

By the way, there’s another one that I found.


Sadly, it doesn’t have much info to even consider it.

You know what I want to see. I wish there are more examples of membership sites built with these plugins. Maybe they can have a clients showcase or something.

If you have any experience with any of these solutions, please share. Drop some comments.

UPDATE 21 August 2009: I don’t when I first found out about Digital Access Pass. At one time, I think I even said to myself, “I know there’s this new membership software but I forgot what it is” And here’s Ravi Jayagopal leaving us a comment down there. Now, I don’t really know how DAP works, but I don’t think it’s WordPress plugin. However, Ravi claims that DAP integrates well with WordPress. So if you guys are shopping around, go check it out

Should I Re-Publish My Newsletter In My Blog?

Friday, January 16th, 2009

The secret is out — I share really cool stuffs in my newsletters. I maintain a handful of mailing lists., and are the main ones.

And here are some feedbacks I get recently…

Awesome email.
That’s a print-outter.



Yours is one of a very select few newsletters I read faithfully. I appreciate the fact that you do not push a product down my thought every time you send me an email. I have learned a ton from reading your stuff.

Ken Seal

Hey Kidino,

Thanks for your email. I really like the way you always provide good information and seem helpful in your tone. I really appreciate it as I am sure that many others do as well.

Francois Van Der Merwe
Sydney, Australia

Hi Kidino,

What a good informative email… and perfect timing!

Alex Major

Great email Kidino!
It’s a pleasure to get so much valuable info for free! ;)

Mitch Powell

Wow, this is one of the most useful emails I’ve ever received. Even though you are plugging a product, you are still providing valuable information (ex: links to other WordPress plugins).



Well, I know that I can get more content at if I publish my newsletters here. But I always thought that my newsletter is something sacred. I like keeping good stuffs those who take the time to subscribe.

Anyway, recently I shared about the two ways to building membership sites using WordPress. And I continued with the 5 plugins out there that can turn your WordPress into a membership site.

Most recently, I shared about how to turn your info-products into DVD products. I wrote about the fulfillment service that I am using right now (and it’s not Kunaki). Also a few tips on how to create better DVD product.

OK, how about we do it this way.

Give me your comment on this. Tell me if you are only my blog reader, or you are my subscriber as well. I want to know who you are and what you think about all these.