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Interview with Mini-Site Designer, Alex Albert

Friday, February 6th, 2009

Alex Albert resides in France… an awesome place to be. And he’s been providing really cool mini-site designs for the Internet marketing community. He’s probably better known for his 7 Dollar Templates, which is a set of graphics, Photoshop actions and mini-site templates aimed for the users of 7 Dollar Scripts and Rapid Action Profits.

Recently, I had the opportunity of interviewing him. Well, nothing serious though, but it was fun.

Well, everytime I ask a designer for an interview, I also ask if they can contribute a mini-site template for And Alex has generously provided the Green City Night. It’s quite a nice style with the city background and a night theme. Check it out… Download for free and don’t forget to rate it.

Now, on with the short interview with Alex…

Q: How did you get involved with mini site designing on the Internet?

I got into internet and marketing after I finished high school. There was a workshops about web designs that I attended at school. And when we started the we first lesson I knew that I love it.

Q: Apart from mini-site designing, do you have any other Internet business? How’s is it?

I am a internet marketer… I sell other things like MRR or PLR mini-site templates.

Q: What is your approach to designing mini-sites for direct response for your clients?

To provide all time best value of design in affordable price for anyone.

Q: Can share your strategies to traffic for your business?

SEO and forum

Q: What is your favorite offline activity?

I love cooking

Q: How can people get in touch with you?

via my support desk…

Q: Any comments about Kidino or

Definitely a good place to visit often for new minisite…

Some quick ones:

Cat or Dog?

Bikes: Super Bike or Chopper

Alex Mandossian or Armand Morin

Q: OK last one… in front of the world (the Internet), please reveal one disgusting bad habit. :P

I hate a scammers… they earn more than I…