4 Best Strategies To Creating Affiliate Bonuses And Cashing In Bigger Commission Checks

As an affiliate, when you are up against hundreds of other top affiliates promoting the same things, you final resort is creating irresistible bonuses to lure customers to you instead of your competitors.

In this article, I will share with you quick, easy yet powerful bonus creation strategies so you can capture a bigger piece of the pie, and get yourself bigger affiliate commission checks.

Before jumping into these strategies, I want to give a some general rules that really works with creating affiliate bonuses. I see that some marketers simply pickup PLR products and just throw them at their potential customers. The thing is, those PLR products do not hold any add-on value to that main product they are promoting.

Compliment, that is the word. What ever it is that you offer as your bonus, it has to compliment, enhance, better, work together, or at relate back to your main offer. It makes me laugh when people offer something that really has nothing to do with what they are promoting in the first place.

So, these strategies that I am about to share with you will do just that. And because of that, these are the best affiliate bonus creation strategies.


Products created always have their shortcomings. And because of that, you can create a “Missing Chapter” of that particular product. Let me give you an example. If you are promoting a website creation software, you can create a cheatsheet or help guide that the publisher itself did not bother to create. You can also create an ebook which contains little-known tricks using that software.

And of course, it doesn’t have to be in ebook. It can also be in audio or video. But either way, you want to create something that will take the product to another level, that customers wouldn’t have discovered without your Missing Chapter.


It does say a lot when you have the publisher on your side. Imagine when you are trying to sell to a company and the President himself instructed his subordinates to specifically take your offer.

That is how it’s like when you do an exclusive interview with the publish, author or product creator. As tough as this may seems, it’s quite easy actually. The first step is contacting the person you are after. He wants you to make him money anyway. And he should be helping you out anyway he can. All that you have to do is ask. Send him and email or get on the phone. And like they always say, the worse you can get is a “No!”

What you would need next is a way to record the interview. If you can meet with the guy in person, a portable MP3 recorder would be good. Even better if you get a camera. One tip, get a clip microphone for your interviewee so that you get a clean audio from him. What about your voice? Get two clip mics. And if your camera doesn’t support two mics, you can always edit in your voice later.

But if you are thousands of miles apart, you can still do a telephone interview and record that. There a lot of tools that you can use for that starting from a specialized telephone software and hardware, internet phone with recording features (like Gizmo or Skype), or maybe using a teleseminar service with recording option.


Have you bought a how-to guide in the past? And do you have problems implementing the strategies in that guide? Yes?

Well that is the case in many how-to products. Customers are left hanging and don’t know where to ask when they have questions. They are starting to implement the things taught in the guide but they need someone to tell them whether they are doing it right or wrong.

I’ve seen this done in product launches. An affiliate offered to do a program based on the product that he’s promoting. And those who buys from his link will get to get on the program. It’s like saying, “If you get this from my link, I will walk you through how I implement the strategies and you can come along for the ride. Watch, learn and do your own project at the same time.”

Well, let me put it this way. It’s as if like I am self-appointed myself as a Tony Robbins certified coach, and when you get Tony Robbins’ home study course, I will help you get through the materials.


Huh… this is the easiest to do because it does not require much from you, apart from a cut on your commissions. But you have to be careful with this because sometimes affiliate programs don’t allow you to do it.

It’s simple. When you get $100 in commission, you just offer a cut out of that to your customers. How much is up to you.

Here’s a HUGE TIP. If you’ve proven yourself as a performing affiliate, negotiate a higher commission with the merchant. When you have higher commission, then you’ll have a bigger profit margin to play with. That’ll put you in advantage over other affiliates.

And when you get your rebate claims, just reply with a courteous email saying that their rebate will be paid out in 45 to 60 days period. Of course, you are waiting for your commission to come in so that you can actually pay them their rebate.

Well there you go. Four really easy, yet powerful affiliate bonus strategies. I guess now it’s time for you to get bigger commission checks. ;)


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