A Cool Trick To Affiliate Marketing Review With Videos

I learned this at a forum some time back. And I have to say that it works really great. When promoting affiliate programs, I find that I get more sales per 100 visitors than any other techniques.

It works by creating a video review for an affiliate product, primarily with ebooks on ClickBank. But it does not mean that you have to stop there. You can use this technique with any product that you are promoting as an affiliate.

But I have to tell you that this will require some money to get started.

Oh, you also need a screencast software to capture what you are doing on your computer. Camtasia can do that for you. Or you can use one of those web-based screencast software like Screen-o-matic.com or Skoffer.com.

What you want to do is choose two or three best-selling ebooks or products that you find on ClickBank. Make sure that you choose products in the same category or niche.

Then with you want to make a video review with each.

The trick here is start the video review from website that is selling the ebook. This is where you start recording. You introduce yourself and tell them that you will be reviewing the ebook they see right now (they will be seeing the website you are on).

First you review the website and tell them how convincing or not the website is. Tell them about the what information that you can gather from the website and how it affects you buying decision. Here you probably want to spend 1 to 2 minutes.

Then you scroll down and get to the order button.

This is the “big trick”.

You are going to click on that order button and make a live purchase right before your viewers.

This is something like “monkey see, monkey do” kind of things.

Of course not everybody is going to really follow you but from my experience a lot of people will.

Now you proceed with your order until you are finish. When you are done you will get to the download page or maybe some members area. When here, you review the members area. You show them what resources they will have access to, what ebooks they will get, what audio they will get to hear, what videos they will get to watch and on, and on.

Now, pause the recording!

What you want to do now is to go through the ebooks that you just bought. Read as much as you can as fast as you can.

If you have digested the video, launch a word processor or a text editor and start to write a summary or a review of the ebook in point forms.

You can have one list called, “Here is what you will learn”.

And then, you can have another called, “What I like about this ebook”.

And then another list called, “What I do not like about this ebook”.

And finally, you will want to have a conclusion, “My Conclusion”.

When you are done with your lists, continue recording again. Now you can start giving a review about the ebook using your lists.

When you tell your viewers about your conclusion, you want to tell them how you rate the content in the ebook. Finally tell them whether it’s worth buying or not.

You can also tell the viewers who the ebook is most suitable for. Is it more suitable for beginners? Is it suitable for advanced?

Just a little tip when doing your lists in the word processor, I recommend that you use huge fonts because it will be easier to read in the video.

And another thing to remember, try keeping the video in 6 to 8 minutes. People get bored if they would have to wait too long to know your conclusion.

When you are done with your video, there are several ways you can use it to promote affiliate products.

First you can upload it to video site like YouTube and in the description put up a link to the affiliate merchant using your affiliate link. Of course you may want to cloak it and redirect using your own domain.

Second, you can use the video on your own website and start driving traffic to your website. There are many ways to drive traffic to your website, and article marketing is one of them. Video marketing is also another way to drive traffic. Either way, you will have people watching your video WATCH YOU BUY the product.

There is not much to say anymore at this point. The only thing for you to do now is test this method.


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