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How To Automate DVD Sales From Your Website (with

Saturday, March 14th, 2009

Why Sell DVD Products…

I like selling DVD products…

Check out one product I did recently –

But why sell CD/DVD when you can sell ebooks? Well, isn’t it obvious?

People are responding less and less to digital products. They want to buy real things. And you see the gurus are selling home study courses, print newsletters rather than ebooks now days… it’s about time you do the same.

Plus, physical info-product like this tends to convert better — don’t ask me why. And also you get a lot less refunds. And you can even sell for a much higher price than ebooks. DVDs tend to have higher perceived value.

Imagine that… the cost of producing DVD is not much different with an ebook. And when you can price higher, you have better profit margin. With lesser refunds, you make more money.

So, are you still thinking about selling DVD products??

Here’s how you get started…

cd-fulfillment.comHow To Automate DVD Sales From Your Website…

And when I am selling DVD products, I automate everything with my DVD products.

Of course you can do things manually by burning each DVD order you get. But it’s a lot better to automate things with a fulfillment service.

I use Tried but I just don’t get it.

So what I am about to share with you here is how to get your DVD selling site up and running using… Now you don’t have to worry about orders because will send the DVD direct to your customers on your behalf. That is what fulfillment services do.

Now, what do you need to get started.

To get started, you need your DVD content. Products that I put into DVDs are mostly videos in the form of FLV or SWF. And you can easily make that viewable in a web page. So what I do is create a simple website and put that in the DVD. I design simple navigation so customers can easily consume the product.

What’s great about a website DVD is that it’s compatible with Mac and PC, even Linux.

Alright, when you have your DVD content ready, you need to create your ISO image.

I don’t really know what ISO stands for… but it’s kinda of like a one file to represent the whole DVD content, similar to how a ZIP file compresses many files together. You can create an ISO image using DVD burning software.

A good and free DVD burning software I found is Burn4Free. You can get it at

When using, you need to ZIP your ISO.

Alright, now you have your ISO and DVD content. What next?

Next you need your graphics.

You need graphics for your DVD box and your DVD disk. It has to be a high resolution graphic, 300 dpi at least. When you have created that, you need to convert that into JPEG photo file with 100% quality.

When you have all those three, you can start a DVD project at Just upload those three files to a location somewhere online, maybe one of your websites. And in, you tell them where those files are and they will start downloading and create your project.

It may take a day but later for people at to approve your project, but when they do, you can start to define the settings you want for you DVD project. You can set what envelops you
want to use, whether you want to add in documents with your mailing (maybe an upsell sales letter), etc… But remember this, the more things you put in your package, the heavier it’ll get, and the more you’d have to pay for shipping.

When you have DVD project ready, you can start selling your DVD.

In, you have a control panel for each DVD project you start. You can submit orders manually using that control panel. You just need to enter customer’s name and address and will send the DVD on your behalf… awesome, right? You may want to order the first copy yourself to make sure everything is in order.

At month end, just pay them for the DVD you sell. Oh yeah, there’s a one-time $2 fee for every new DVD project you start. They don’t expect you pay that unless you sell a DVD.

A DVD, depending on your settings and your customers’ address location, will costs between $5 to $10 per disk. (pssst… you can always pass that back to your customers as shipping and handling)

So you don’t even need a website. You can take in phone orders — but I don’t really recommend. But I just want to show that is how easy it is.

A better way is to integrate your website directly to Every orders will be sent automatically to, and they will ship it for you.

I do this with my Paypal IPN handler script.

With my website, I accept payment with Paypal. And I use the Paypal Instant Payment Notification (IPN) to verify payments. And in my Paypal IPN script (I code with PHP), I also send my order
details to Their server will receive the details and they will immediately process that order. So you see, everything is automated — you don’t touch a single DVD.

(You can ask me more about my PHP script later)

But if you are more familiar with, I think there are a number of scripts available out there. Some that I know are like Disc Buddy, DVD Automator, etc… try Googling for them.

I guess that’s all. If you need help getting started, write some comments and share your experience. If you are experienced, maybe you too can share some tips for the rest of us…