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How To Sell Your eBooks, Files, Downloads with Paypal using

Saturday, April 10th, 2010 is my latest venture. Coming from me, I am biased. But I want to say it anyway. makes selling ebooks, files, downloads or any other digital products easy. All that you need is your files and a verified Paypal account. After that, all that you have to do is just UPLOAD and SELL.

Though UPLOADnSELL requires no training, no explanation, today I want to give you a walk through on how to use UPLOADnSELL.

At, the first thing that you see is a some forms that you need to fill in. They are segmented into four area labeled with numbers from 1 to 4. The first one is about selecting the files that you are selling.


Simple IPN: Free Paypal IPN PHP Script for Digital Download Products

Monday, August 17th, 2009


UPDATED: 20 June 2014

Simple IPN is now open sourced and can be downloaded from Github. Or you can use the link below.

[ Download ZIP ]

[ Project Repository at Github ]




I was running a class for my Netpreneurs Online Classroom and we got to the part where we are suppose to learn how to deliver our downloadble digital products.

I don’t want to make this complicated for my students. I want to make this simple, but at the same time offers some form security from online thefts. So I started thinking of a simple script that should be able to do the following:

  • Expiring download link
  • Expiring download page
  • Minimum setup
  • No database required
  • Uses Paypal IPN
  • Emails the customers with their download info
  • Customizable download page, thank you page and email
  • Multiple files product package
  • Allows Paypal Sandbox testing
  • No need to create the Paypal Button form – will generate for you
  • Don’t have to understand Paypal IPN – just know that it’s more secure
  • Strict verification process – verifying price, Paypal email address and currency


Should I Re-Publish My Newsletter In My Blog?

Friday, January 16th, 2009

The secret is out — I share really cool stuffs in my newsletters. I maintain a handful of mailing lists., and are the main ones.

And here are some feedbacks I get recently…

Awesome email.
That’s a print-outter.



Yours is one of a very select few newsletters I read faithfully. I appreciate the fact that you do not push a product down my thought every time you send me an email. I have learned a ton from reading your stuff.

Ken Seal

Hey Kidino,

Thanks for your email. I really like the way you always provide good information and seem helpful in your tone. I really appreciate it as I am sure that many others do as well.

Francois Van Der Merwe
Sydney, Australia

Hi Kidino,

What a good informative email… and perfect timing!

Alex Major

Great email Kidino!
It’s a pleasure to get so much valuable info for free! ;)

Mitch Powell

Wow, this is one of the most useful emails I’ve ever received. Even though you are plugging a product, you are still providing valuable information (ex: links to other WordPress plugins).



Well, I know that I can get more content at if I publish my newsletters here. But I always thought that my newsletter is something sacred. I like keeping good stuffs those who take the time to subscribe.

Anyway, recently I shared about the two ways to building membership sites using WordPress. And I continued with the 5 plugins out there that can turn your WordPress into a membership site.

Most recently, I shared about how to turn your info-products into DVD products. I wrote about the fulfillment service that I am using right now (and it’s not Kunaki). Also a few tips on how to create better DVD product.

OK, how about we do it this way.

Give me your comment on this. Tell me if you are only my blog reader, or you are my subscriber as well. I want to know who you are and what you think about all these.

Wood Light: Free Premium Mini-Site Template

Thursday, August 21st, 2008

Wood Light is my latest mini-site template. It’s not listed in the gallery (not yet). This is something that I normally get paid for, but I am in the designing mood, and feeling very generous. So you can download and use it for free.

Wood Light includes a nice CSS file for styling, an opt-in box, a testimonial box, Photoshop PSD files, graphical bullet list styling and also a manual for easy understanding and editing.

[ Download ] [ Demo ] [ Manual ] [ XSitePro XSE ]

XSitePro 2 Review, What You Need To Know

Friday, June 20th, 2008

XSitePro v2 is just out. Now, everybody is promoting it. Me included…

Why I am promoting XSitePro? Because I have it. I use it. And I know that it really is a good software.

And I am going to admit it right here, I am an affiliate (have been since version 1). And I earn commission from the sales. It’s what I do to make a living…

So how do I tell you about XSitePro without appearing like a cheesy salesman?

It’s hard…

Let me tell you what I am going to do. I am going to tell you all the bad things about XSitePro first, before telling you why you should get it.

So here goes…

XSitePro – Who don’t need XSitePro…

It’s a funny place to start. But I want you to know right away if this is for you or not. If this is not for you, then you can steer clear from it.

Who won’t need XSitePro…


Free Report – The Biggest Open Secret (About Increasing Online Sales)

Thursday, June 12th, 2008

I spent the last few days putting this short report together. Maybe I am taking too much time for a short 30-page rambling. I guess I am not a pro writer. I know that some of you can put together a 30-page report in just a few hours, clean, error free (no grammatical errors). I guess, that’s just the time that I need then… almost a week.

But anyway, I want to share with you about how to increase your online sales. So I sat down and started tapping the keyboard on my notebook. I thought it was going to be a 10-page report, but it turned into a 30-page ebook.

In the ebook, I shared a few tips and strategies on how you can increase your online sales. I talked about copywriting, crafting offers, PPC, web design… oh yea, also the Biggest Open Secret to increasing online sales.

I managed to put in some examples in there. The good ones, the bad ones, and the stupid ones.

I think you can finish this in 10 minutes. And I hope it’s going to be enjoyable read.

When you are done, please leave me a comment, send trackbacks from your blog and refer others to download it too.

[ Download Here - The Biggest Open Secret ]

One last thing, a shout out to Stephanie Trahd – thank you for editing this report for me.

Upgrading To WordPress 2.5 With DreamHost’s One-Click Install Is Surprising Fast, Easy And Convenient

Monday, April 7th, 2008\'s One-Click Installs is powered by WordPress, both the gallery and the blog. And recently WordPress released another new version, the 2.5.

There a lot of new improvements in WordPress 2.5, including nicer, more intuitive interface. But that’s not why I upgraded. You see, you need to follow with the currently supported version, with any software you use, especially if your business depends on it.

Upgrading to a new version can be a hassle. I was worried about plug-in compatibility. I have a few plug-ins that I use right now that is critical to make MiniSiteGallery to what it is right now. You may recognize some of them like the submission form, the ratings,etc… But I thought I had to give it a go to really know what could go wrong.

After looking around for awhile, I remember that I installed my WordPress at using DreamHost’s One-Click Install. Yep, we are one DreamHost, an excellent web hosting if you ask me. So I looked back at my control panel if there anything like a One-Click Upgrade

What do you know? They do!


More Entries Are In As Dateline Approaches…

Wednesday, February 27th, 2008

Well, it seems like the designers like to wait till the very last minute…

As the dateline approaches for the Mini-Site Design Contest, I am seeing more and more mini site templates being submitted. Apart from my two mini site templates, as of now, you can also see eight others which are

I expect to see a few more before the dateline closes.

What happens after the dateline closes? Well, you can still submit your designs to be showcased in In fact, I welcome them. But it won’t be running for the contest. I am sorry, I laid out the rules clearly. If you want to submit your design, you better be quick.

Oh yeah, and I will also activate the voting and rating plugin. And I need your help to be the judge.

So … who do you think will win?