DIPPEC, New PHP Script for Selling Digital Products using Paypal

DIPPEC: PHP Script for Selling Digital Product using Paypal

DIPPEC: PHP Script for Selling Digital Product using Paypal

A few years ago, I wrote Simple IPN, a PHP script for Paypal and digital products. But Simple IPN is a simple script that using the Instant Payment Notification (IPN) API, and it doesn’t even need a database. I decide to release Simple IPN as open source last year. And it is available on Github at https://github.com/kidino/simple-ipn.

But at the back of my mind, I have always thought that I can do something better for my readers and customers. So today, I would like to introduce to you DIPPEC.

DIPPEC, unlike Simple IPN uses Paypal Express Checkout API. Paypal Express Checkout API has a lot of advantages over IPN. For one, it is more secure and is not open to form manipulation like IPN. Another thing, because it uses Paypal Express Checkout, DIPPEC can tell Paypal to use a mobile checkout interface when the customer is on a mobile device like smart phones or tablets.

Other than that, DIPPEC also comes with a comprehensive user interface for you to manage your products, sales and customers. If you have used Simple IPN in the past, you know that there is no interface. It was meant to be really, really simple. But then again, it lacks some important features.

Setting up DIPPEC is really easy. DIPPEC comes with a web-based installer to help you create the tables in your database. DIPPEC is also really easy to use. It is meant to be used with a shared-hosting account. So you don’t really need a powerful web hosting like Amazon Web Service or DigitalOcean.

When all is set up, to create a product is really easy. It is only a three step process.

First step, create your product and tell DIPPEC your product name, price, currency and download expiry.

Second step, upload your files for this product. DIPPEC’s easy drag-and-drop interface makes uploading your product file painless. There is no need to launch your FTP client. Just do it all in the browser.

Third and final step, you can begin selling. Each product that you create in DIPPEC comes with a Buy Link URL that you can use in your own website or in email. You can also use the built-in Sales Page that comes with each product. You can just send your visitors to this Sales Page and they can buy from there.

And when a purchase occur, DIPPEC will take care of the rest. DIPPEC will create your customers unique, expiring download page. It will also send your customer an email with their download page URL. And you can relax by the pool, and check your sales via DIPPEC’s admin panel if you want.

Alright, enough talk. Why don’t you just have a look for yourself. Before I send you there, let me also tell you that you are protected with a 30-day money back guarantee when you buy DIPPEC. If you are ever not happy with DIPPEC, just ask for your money back.

So here it is. Go check it out.



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