How To Sell Your eBooks, Files, Downloads with Paypal using is my latest venture. Coming from me, I am biased. But I want to say it anyway. makes selling ebooks, files, downloads or any other digital products easy. All that you need is your files and a verified Paypal account. After that, all that you have to do is just UPLOAD and SELL.

Though UPLOADnSELL requires no training, no explanation, today I want to give you a walk through on how to use UPLOADnSELL.

At, the first thing that you see is a some forms that you need to fill in. They are segmented into four area labeled with numbers from 1 to 4. The first one is about selecting the files that you are selling. allows up to 5 files per product and a total of 30MB per product. So just select your files one by one and once you have 5 files selected, the file select input will disappear. If you selected the wrong files, you can click on the X next to the file name of selected files and it will disappear. You can select your files again.

Now, I just want to clarify this though. When you have more than one files, five for example, you are not creating five different products. You are creating ONE packaged product which has five files in it. Just want you to be aware of that.

Next you need to tell UPLOADnSELL about your product. Basically you need to put in the name of your product, how much you are selling it for and the currency that you pricing it with. You see, Paypal accepts 24 different currencies. If this product is something specific to your country, you may want to choose that instead of the default USD.

The third area is where you put in the details about yourself, the merchant. First you put in your name or any designated contact person in your company. Then you put in your company name. After that, you need to tell UPLOADnSELL your Paypal email address. Make sure you only use verified Business or Premier Paypal account. Other type account may have limitations and may affect your sales or your customers’ buy experience. Last thing, you also need to put in your support email address, preferably the same one you put in your Paypal account (yes, you can define a different email address for your support in Paypal).

That is all that UPLOADnSELL need… just one thing left to do…

Number 4 is just about some legal stuffs. UPLOADnSELL want to make sure that it only serves good decent people. You cannot upload and sell something that you do not have rights to do so. And furthermore in the the TOS, UPLOADnSELL does allow you to use its service to do crime, or sell products in certain topics or interests, etc… you need to read the TOS to know more.

But for most people who wants to make a living on the Internet, I don’t see why you can’t use UPLOADnSELL. Just check the two checkboxes. And then click UPLOAD!

At this point, you should be able to see the progress of the upload. You can stop it at anytime if you feel that you did something wrong in the previous page. You can click on the [+] icon to see details of the upload process.

When everything is done, you are ready to sell…

Here you will see two different URLs. The one on top is your Buy Link URL. That is the URL that you use with your order button, or the one you use to send your customers to Paypal. The one at the bottom is the Sample Download Page URL. You can visit that page to see what you customers will see after they made payment to you.

You can also test the Sample Download Page and see if all the files were uploaded correctly. Try downloading each files and see if they work. That Sample Download Page will expire after 24 hours. So will the download pages that are created upon every sale.


Now you can start selling. All that you need to do is use the Buy Link URL. Of course, there’s many way to sell your product. You simply use the Buy Link URL with your order button at your website. You can use it by simply putting an update your Twitter or Faceback. You can even use it at forums like Digital Point or Warriors Forum by creating a new thread about your product (make sure you comply to the rules of the forums).

But what ever you do, it’s your responsibility to explain your offer. The Buy Link URL will only take your customers to Paypal so that they can make the payment.


Alright, why don’t we test the Buy Link URL. Simply put it in the address field in your browser and hit Enter.

First they will see the screen shot above. It’s building your Paypal Buy Button and then will redirect your customers to Paypal. And here’s a normal Paypal page…

When your customers complete the payment process, if there’s nothing wrong with their purchase, they will be taken to their download page. Sometimes problems occur with Paypal payment when your customers uses e-check, or when you are using email address that you have not verified, etc… when something like occur, both you and your customers will be notified by email. Otherwise, only your customers will be notified with his/her download info.

Here’s what a download page looks like…

The download page generally has two important areas. One, you customers will be informed again about the product they have bought. It will also tell the customers your support email address. But to protect you from email harvesters, it is an image and not in text.

Below is the list of files your customers can download. And as you can see, it also tells your customers how much time is left for download. That is actually an animated countdown, counting down by the second.

As for the download links, maybe I should also tell you that it is programmed to support resumes and download managers like Free Download Managers, LeechGet, etc. So your customers can experience faster downloads. And if downloads fail half way, your customers does not have to re-start the download.


Yes, you don’t need to register for anything, pay anything, install anything or setup anything…

As the creator of UPLOADnSELL, I get this a lot. What’s the catch? The motivation behind UPLOADnSELL is to make this dead-simple for everyone. I was teaching a class on how to sell digital products online and how to set it up with Paypal. So I released SimpleIPN back in August 2009. And I thought it was already the simplest way to integrate your ebook with Paypal, while delivering your ebooks in a secure manner. Simple IPN does not require a database. All that you need to do is just edit settings.php and then upload the whole script, with your products.

But people still faces problems. Especially when they don’t even know what FTP is… So I was thinking of “how I can make this easier…?” And that’s how UPLOADnSELL came about. Just like SimpleIPN, UPLOADnSELL is also free.

But we can’t survive and continue to provide this service if we can’t support ourselves. has to be generating revenue to continue offering this service for free.

So you are right, there is a catch.

What we do is this. After you customers made payment to you, they will arrive on the download page. And on that page, we put up advertisements to support ourselves. And later, we do plan to release a Pro Account, which has more features like reporting, customizations and maybe an affiliate program. That will give Pro Account users more control and more power over their marketing efforts. And yes, the Pro Account will require a small monthly fee. We’ll get to that later when we are ready to announce the Pro Account…

So that’s how we support ourselves.

Well, I guess that’s it. is created to make selling digital products quick and easy. There’s nothing to install, no setup, no registrations, no fees … just upload and sell. If you haven’t already done so, I urge you to give it a try. If you have some reports gathering dusts, and an audience ready to buy it (a blog or a mailing list), just upload your product and create a quick campaign. See how it works for you…


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  5. David W Johnson said:

    Your service will be great for newbie marketers who want to sell their digital products but don’t have the programming expertise of a digital downloading service.

  6. Kidino said:


  7. afzal said:

    and Download All Ebooks for free from best ebook search engine Search all books for free

  8. moneybiz said:

    I find this solution useful because as I’m selling digital products I’m always worrying too much as my download link had no security at all.
    Thanks for this work. Well done.
    6 Dollars Home Business mini-site.

  9. Kidino said:

    Hi Moneybiz,

    Glad that this helps.

  10. jeff said:

    I can see how this would be a great way to get my digital material out to the public. Yet I am not convinced it is the way to go. How do I get to the web site to view the other books and see that mine is there? I keep getting the upload page and not the main product pages? Whats up with that?

  11. Kidino said:

    Hello Jeff, helps you with the technical aspect of accepting payment and delivering your product. It handles Paypal integration, digital product delivery, creating expiring download page and download links, and sending emails to your customers with download information.

    With all that, you know that your customers are taken care of when you sell digital products. Everything from the point they click on the order button to the point they want to read your ebook is taken care of. It’s all automated.

    However, you still need to do your own marketing. UPLOADnSELL does not help you make sales. At this point, we do not have a product page for products.

    You can build your own website for that. Or maybe create a simple status update at Twitter and Facebook. You can create a new Blogger page, etc…

  12. daktarik said:

    It’s a great solution, i use it. I know also a soft to generate my php files which allow to sell in security my digital content. It’s called epayoneclic. It’s simple because it generates a folder to upload on my website. The soft is epayoneclic.

  13. Karen Wolfer said:

    I am wondering if you will have the ability to handle audio book downloads someday? They are over the 30 MB max you have now.
    As a small, niche audio book publisher, I know there are many other publishers that would love to have an alternative to Audible.


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  16. Nail Yener said:

    The site looks fine, but they remove the files if it can’t generate any sales in 90 days. This is not good for me.

  17. Joe said:

    I found a similar site http:.// to sell your files, documents images …
    they offer free online stores to host your files and display
    no listing fee
    free service and free stores
    and their fees are tiny compared to other sites


    I don’t like the 90 day removal policy, either, as it often takes AT LEAST 90 days to get everything rolling, to where some sales come in. There’s advertising, Google AdSense (which is REAL SLOW to set up & get going), Yahoo, & a host of others to deal with! We need more time to get started than this. If we spend time & MONEY to get all this lined up, then the content gets removed, we’ll have to spend EVEN MORE TIME & MONEY to get it going again, plus all the “old links” will be worthless, & people will think we’ve gone out of business! This really sucks! Any business start-up, even on the Internet, takes 6 months to a year to get some $$$ coming in, at least more $$$ coming in than are going out! Jeez!

  19. David Bolton said:

    I feel the same as Stanislaus about the 90-day limit. However, wouldn’t it be possible you you yourself to “buy” your product once every 90 days, maybe through a friend with Paypal? That way, you could be sure to make at least one sale every 90 days, and uploadnsell would not remove the product, right?
    In general Uploadnsell seems like a GREAT solution for beginners. Now, if they could add an affiliate section, it might really get rolling!

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  22. David Bolton said:

    I agree with several other posters:

    1) The 90 day limit is way too short.

    2) It would be great to be able to expand the maximum file size as well.

    I was just about to use uploadnsell, but due to these two issues, I decided to sell through my site instead. However, if these things are changed, I would almost certainly use it!

  23. imaginator said:

    i have been using uploadnsell too, but their website is down yesterday and today i checked. Not good.

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  25. John Hilling said:

    I use Files2trade to sell my files, its free and easy to use. Plus this site looks like its is no longer running.

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