Review: How To Use DLGuard To Protect Your Digital Products

dlg2boxshotsmall.gifRecently I talked about protecting your digital products with Paypal IPN. Using Paypal IPN is the simplest way to protect your digital products that you sell online. Without something like Paypal IPN, you are exposing your product to unauthorized downloads.

Towards the end of that article, it seems that I talked very highly of DLGuard.

I started using DLGuard starting with my second product in 2006. Ever since, every product that I rolled out, I use DL Guard. Of course, that is with the exception of my viral list building projects, where I use a membership site script.

I started using DL Guard from version 2. And now they are at version 4 already. At first Sam Stephens (the creator) used his own data storage system. So no MySQL database is required. There are pros and cons to that. The good thing is you don’t have to mess with difficult MySQL settings. But the bad thing is his own data system is not the best solution to the problem.

That is why now, Sam has started using MySQL in DLGuard, starting from version 3. And you thought that it’ll be difficult. Actually no. With the MySQL version, Sams also took some drastic steps by using better software development tools, IonCube. With IonCube, you Sams is able to deliver DLGuard with an easy to use installer software. All you need to do is run that EXE software, define a few settings and you are done.

Ever since having installed DLGuard, life has been easy… at least in this one area.

Let me tell you about the life before DLGuard…

Previously, everytime I have a new product, I would have to struggle putting the IPN and the ClickBank protection scripts. I do know PHP and I am a computer science graduate. But even for me, uploading, customizing scripts, changing settings, creating MySQL databases, all that everytime you have a new product — it’s tedious.

And it takes a lot of time. Even after all that, you still have to test it to make sure it works. When it does, then fine. When it doesn’t, then here comes the debugging, testing, debugging again…

It doesn’t matter from where I am selling it, all I need is my ONE DLGuard installation. With DLGuard, I just upload my product to the same server as my DLGuard installation, create the settings I need and I can start selling.

How To Work With DL Guard

Let me show you how easy it is to setup a new product with DLGuard.


You start by uploading your product on the same domain as DL Guard. It doesn’t matter if you created a new website like to showcase your product, but the actual digital file for that product has to be in the same domain as DL Guard.

If you installed DL Guard on “”, you can put your products on “” or something like that. I hope you get what I mean here. DL Guard can’t deliver products that it does not have direct file path to.

Then, in your DL Guard, you define the settings for your new product (1). You can see that you set to allow customers to download for a certain amount of time or trials. After that you choose the payment method you want to use (2). As you can see, DL Guard is compatible with a number of payment methods including Paypal, ClickBank, 2Checkout and a lot more.


Further down, after selecting your payment method, the options for that method will appear. Here is the options available when you choose Paypal as your payment method (3). When you are done here, you click on Save (4).


After clicking save, you will see your products listed in the main page. There is a link that says, “get code”. Clicking on that page will reveal to you the code for your pay button (5). You can use that in your sales page at (as example above).

What About Affiliate Programs?

One very powerful marketing strategy is to use affiliates. DL Guard does not have a built-in affiliate tracking. So you would have to use a third party script for that. There are a number of scripts that you can use.

A straight forward method is to sell using ClickBank. Since ClickBank can accept payments on your behalf and has a built-in affiliate tracking, you just need to use DL Guard for product delivery. In fact this is what I use for What I like about ClickBank is that it already has a huge number of affiliates that you can start to contact to promote your product.

Another method is to use PayDotCom. PayDotCom is an affiliate network like ClickBank but only accepts payment using Paypal. If you only accepts Paypal with your business, you may consider PayDotCom.

However, with DLGuard’s integration open feature, forum members at has reported integrating DLGuard with third party affiliate scripts such as Post Affiliate Pro, JROX and also iDevAffiliate. From my research, I also found out that Martin, a staff from Quality Unit reported, Post Affiliate Pro has include DLGuard in its built-in integration optins.

Other Cool Features…

Well, there a number of things that you can do with DLGuard. But I am going to cut it short to the things that are MUST-KNOWs.

First of all DLGuard can also be used a shopping cart. That means, if you want to build a website that is a shopping mall for ebooks or software, you can do that with DLGuard.

DLGuard also supports membership sites. But for DLGuard to be able to administer members, the member’s area needs to be in the same domain as DLGuard. That means, if you install DLGuard at “”, your member’s area needs to be in “” or something like that. But of course, you can sell membership from any where on the Internet, be it or just

This may not be a feature, but I’d to mention about it too. DLGuard is a product that have been developed for years. That shows Sam Stephens’ the commitment to his product. In fact, when you interact in the forum, Sam will normally reply very quickly. I had some issues and reported it in the forum. And Sam communicate with me directly using the private message and also email.

dlg2boxshotsmall.gifWhat I would like to say is that DLGuard delivers top-notch customer support. From the quality of the product, commitment to further development and also to technical help. If you want to go far, you want to align yourself with good software partners, a company that you can depend on. DLGuard is a company that you can depend on… and don’t just settle for cheap $20 solution.

So there you go… If you want to get DLGuard, you know you’ve made the right choice.

DLGuard – Sales And Download Security


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  5. Fairuz Talib said:

    I myself is using DLGuard (I’m using version 4), and I really love it. I’m using it for selling single products, and for membership site as well. The only ‘problem’ I have right now is there’s no real solution to integrate it with Aweber. What I do is I insert Aweber form in the download page (BTW, I’m using my own download template). What irritates me (and my customer) is they will see the subscription fom again and again everytime they log on to the site. But if you use GetResponse, Sam can provide you with instruction how to do the integration.

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