Interview with Mini-Site Designer, Albert Hallado

I have a new mission. And that is to get more mini-site templates into Mini-Site Gallery. So I approached a number of mini-site designers if they’d agree to do two things — 1) an interview for… 2) contribute a mini-site template for the gallery.

And to start this off, I have for you Albert Hallado. Albert Hallado is a Filipino who hails over at Las Vegas. A few weeks ago, he launched the Vegas Traffic Jam, which is a really good guide on how to build a blog and monetize it. I participated in the launch last time because it really is a good guide. Albert went into the details of the many strategies to get traffic and make money from them.

By the way, Albert Hallado contributed the Red Night mini-site template. I am sure you can use them with your projects. Do check it out…

Now, on with the interview…

QUESTION: I understand you are from Philipines. How did you get to US?

ANSWER: Yes I was born and raised in the Philippines and I moved here to the USA (Las Vegas) with my wife (She’s American). My wife and I are thinking about moving back home in the Philippines though one of these days!

QUESTION: Tell me how you got started in Internet marketing?

ANSWER: I started internet marketing in 1998. I was just looking how I could supplement my income and be mobile so I can have plenty of time to spend with my family. Finally I now make a living with my blog (

QUESTION: What is your approach to designing mini-sites for direct response?

ANSWER: To be able to convey and deliver the message with my graphics and to
catch peoples attention right away so they’ll read your copy and close the deal.

QUESTION: What is your favorite offline activity?

ANSWER: Whoa! I like this question Kidino! Well I love camping, hiking, fishing and
just walking around the mall with the entire family (Wife and Kids). Also I like to volunteer to do some charity service like feeding the homeless and Salvation Army like my wife does!

QUESTION: How can people get in touch with you?

ANSWER: They can go to and they’ll see I have a contact form there.

QUESTION: Any comments about Kidino or

ANSWER: Kidino is a friend of mine. I’ve know Kidino for forever (maybe 5 years!) and he’s always helped me out with whatever I ask him, he’s really nice and has a big heart. I highly recommend him when it comes to internet marketing and any graphics work.


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