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Actually I have been sitting on this for too long already. I registered this domain name sometime last month (December 07). At first I thought it was going to be an easy project. Something that will take no more than a week.

It turns out, it’s been weeks. In case you are wondering, yes, is powered by WordPress. And I got the template from Small Potato, Showcase. Actually, it’s meant to showcase websites, but I turned into a mini template download gallery.

Alright, let’s talk more about what is.

Sometime last month, I started to have this idea where I wanted to gather and showcase the talents of our mini site designers. There are just so many good designers when it comes to mini sites and ebook covers. I thought that it’ll be a great idea to come to one place and see what these designers can do.

And I was also thinking that there are a number of free download galleries for WordPress, for normal website templates, and the rest, but I have yet to see one that only does mini-sites.

It would be a great place, wouldn’t it?

For mini site designers, now there’s a place to showcase your talent and get exposure. I don’t know of a place where you can do that before. If you are a mini site designers, I know the type of clients that you are looking for. You can submit your designs to other types of gallery, but those galleries gather a different type of audience, which may not be suitable for your business model. No now you can submit your designs here at

And if you are a mini site marketer, somebody who creates and sell ebooks, perhaps you can start looking for your mini site design right here. I encourage designers to submit designs with the e-covers, complete with Photoshop PSD source file. That way, the marketers can just download a design and it will be ready with an ebook cover. All you have to do is just edit a few things and you are almost done.

Along the way, I am hoping to gather some useful marketing strategies for netrepeneurs like you and I. This could be about info product creation, copywriting, list building… what ever that applies.

This is an exciting journey for me. And I hope where ever this leads me, it will be an interesting ride for you too.


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  1. Frank Arriola said:

    Joined Up Good deal

  2. Curso De Marketing De Afiliados said:

    Nice Concept! Kidino you always surpass my expectations.

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