Building A Mailing List Really Fast And Easy – No JV Required

Building a Mailing List Really Fast & Easy - No JV Required!

A girl called me the other day asking internet marketing questions. And you know what, I think it’s a good topic to cover in my blog… so here it is…

I hope you really read this and take it to heart when it comes to list building…

Here goes..

The girl, let’s call her, Amanda, told me that she is starting to build her list. Well, good for her. It’s good when you are starting to take action…

And she started telling me that it’s not doing so well. She is only getting a few subscribers… and it’s a number that is really frustrating her.

Okay, you may have heard that it’s not about the size of list but rather the relationship you have with them. But then again, you have to look at the way you build your list.

I asked Amanda how she’s building her list…

She said, “Giveaway event”… OK. Not the answer I was hoping for.

Then I asked Amanda another question. What did she offer during the giveaway event?

Her answer, “Some PLR I have in my computer…”

Another answer that didn’t really feel so good about.

OK, here’s the secret to building your list.

Some may take this lightly, but when you are starting out, you could be doing the same mistake.

Yes, you can building your list using giveaway events. And yes, you can use PLR… but it has to be done right. And today we ARE NOT going to talk about how to use PLR and giveaway events to build a mailing list…

I am going to talk about the MOST EFFECTIVE way I know on how to building a mailing list…

So, are you excited? I know I am because I know this will benefit you in many ways…


Years ago, when I was building my first mailing list, what I did was offered a free subscription to a newsletter.

What I did was create a 1-page sales letter and tell people the great things they will get when the subscribe to my newsletter. And it’s all for free…

Of course, my strength is the technical aspect of Internet marketing like PHP and web design. So I told them they will benefit from my skills because I am going to teach the many ways I know on how to do things online that will save them money…

And that was the truth. A lot of the things that you pay for on the Internet can be accomplish for a lot less money, but you may need to make it up in time, research and trial and error.

Anyway, I am sure you feel that it was a great newsletter. Well, it was.

But let me tell you something — it’s not a great way to build a mailing list. Infact, it’s a VERY BAD way to build a mailing list.

Even after a few months, I didn’t even get pass 100 subscribers. Talk about being pathetic…

Don’t ever do that… Unless you are already a big shot online marketing celebrity.


Alright, the next thing I tried was this…

I created a mini-site and offered something for free. But it had to be something great that would shock the community or the niche that you are in. And it has to be something really good.

If people are paying a lot of money for something, show them are you accomplish the same thing for free…

If people believe that it takes a week to accomplish something, show them how to get it done in a day, and give that for free.

Yep — your main offer has to have the buzz factor. It has to have that little something that can possibly make people talk about it…

And then, you create another product and offer that using the one-time-offer.

Now, when you sell something, you can give away a part of the sale as affiliate commissions. Which means, you can go out and find affiliates or JV partners to promote your offer.

When you start to get those new subscribers, work it into your marketing to convince those new subscribers to become JV partners too by promoting your site.

Now, I told you earlier that this is the method that works after my first list building effort flopped like a pizza thrown by a bad chef.

However, I have bad news…

Getting JV partners is not an easy task…

If the potential JV partner that you are approaching has never heard of you, let alone know you personally, your chances are very slim.

But I was lucky…

Prior to starting that list building project, I joined a private forum. I was an active member in that community for a few months. And fortunately, that community is very active, very cozy and very helpful…

I could bounce off ideas, seek advice, seek help in that forum. And I returned the favor by offering the same things and contribute to that forum.

After a while, I became known in that forum. I even made some really good friends in there, that lasted to this day.

Those friends became my first JV partners. And I don’t have to “approach” or “beg” people to help me promote my website.

That is a nice thing, isn’t it?

So my little website took off…

It’s the first time my mailing list grew to over 1000 subscribers. And it’s all thank to my JV partners. But I was fortunate that I have made some online friends a months before that…

So, if you want to do it that way, make sure you have some online friends that you can really rely on. Approaching somebody new is not very pleasant. That’s why I suck at MLM… :P

So that’s the story of

And the community that I joined was, which is no longer online. But let me recommend two other private forum that you can join.

These forums has similar amount of energy in the members, and are also cozy, helpful and very active.

Do check out:

Yeah, I was a member of a PRIVATE forum. And it really is different from joining a public forum. What I like that most is not just the quality of members in there that can potentially be your JV partners… it’s also the fact that in most cases it’s safe to bounce your ideas with other members that you normally do at public forums.

Well, whether you do this the JV-way or now, I think joining a private forum like those two above are worth it.

But I also want you to know that there is a better way to build a mailing list where you don’t need to spend months making friends and seeking JV partners…


This is the method that I use mostly now. Partly it’s because I am lazy. While I enjoy making friends, I don’t really enjoy ‘s##king-up’ to people and ask them to promote my product…

I don’t even enjoy asking for it…

Plus it takes too much time and effort…

What if you can create a product and then be on your way to building your list? And not just that, you will be building a mailing list big and fast.

No JV…
No time wasted…

Did I tell you about this before?

I call it the MRR List Building.

Nope, I don’t want you go out and buy master resale rights products or ebooks out there.

I want you to create your own. And sell it!

But of course, you need to create something really good. It has to be a product that is both

  • something that others would want to sell
  • something that people would really buy

When you have something like that, it’s a good product to use for MRR List Building.

OK, let me just tell you the overall plan…

The plan is to get other people to sell your product as MRR. And when they sell the MRR, others will too. And then their customers will sell it too… before you know, it’s gonna go viral and reaching more people than you can do alone.


Here’s how – you put in a secret bonus in that MRR product of yours. It could be in the first few pages of your product or maybe in the manual. You can even create a PDF file that is named BONUS.pdf or something like that.

And in there, you tell them about a bonus product that they can get. The catch is, this time they need to subscribe to you. You would put a link in there that goes to a squeeze page. And that squeeze page puts subscribers into your mailing list.

And that’s it.

How simple was that?!

OK, how to get started with the initial traffic? That is easy, actually. Just sell them at forums or at marketplaces.

Sell them at WSO at the, or at the Digital Point. And if you have a few close “buddies” just give it to them to get the “ball rolling”, get what I mean??

I did a MRR List Building project recently and it’s still bringing in new subscribers everyday to this day. And I didn’t do anything for weeks. Didn’t even touched it ever since I launched it…

How cool is that??


Hmm… it’s a long email this one. OK, let’s do a bit of a round up here… what have we learn today.

  1. Doing giveaway events and giving away MRR that you bought? Don’t do that…
  2. You need to use leverage to build your business

    You see, when I was building my first list, I wasn’t using any leverage. So the process was slow and painful. The result… you know what happened.

  3. You need to create a buzz-worthy offer

    Create something that people would want and would talk about. Here are some examples:

    • show people how get something that normally costs
      money for free

    • show people how to do something that normally takes
      ages for a shorter time period

    • show people how to do something that is normally hard
      to do easy
  4. Seeking people to promote your product for you, you need to give them a reason why. The most easiest answer is money. When you sell your product, you can offer commissions. And when you sell MRR, you create an opportunity for them to earn some money.

    OK, when I do approach people to promote my product, or when I put it in my autoresponder to get them to promote my product, money is not all I talk about. Just to get them thinking, I also talk about how good my product converts and how their readers are going to love being informed about a good product.

    But the point is this – when you don’t give them any reason to do something, they won’t do it. People need the motivation on why they need to do something. You need to give it to them…

    When they don’t see any benefits to it, don’t count on getting paid… ;)

Well, I guess this is long enough for a blog post. I am glad that you get this far.


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