Repackaging Private Label Rights (PLR) – A Weekend Project To $1116.25

I bought a new private label rights (PLR) product recently. And five days later, I pocketed $1116.25 (gross). Sorry, I am not going to reveal what it is at the moment. Perhaps later. It’s not an ebook. It’s a set of videos. I thought that selling videos is better than selling ebooks. It holds higher perceived value and if I sell them cheap, I can really get a lot of sales.

And topic itself, I thought the topic and the content fits my readers, and it also fits with my own personal experience. I believe that this is going to be a good sale.

Actually, I didn’t liked PLR very much. Most of the times, people who created PLR products would create a bunch of them and sell them really cheap using the Firesale method or something like that. You normally see a sale starting from 10 all the way to 50 products selling at $97, maybe even $47.

The thing is, when those products go for so cheap, and with a huge firesale where everybody already knows about it, I don’t think I can re-sell anymore. Everybody already has it. Unless you are thinking about using it offline, in your consulting business or creating a direct mail business with those PLR info-products.

And another thing that really bugs me about PLR products is that most people just buy them and sell them as it is. I don’t know how well this is doing for them… but my guess, maybe not so good.

Well, I did something different.

First I looked at the design. I am pretty sure that I can come up with a design that is twice better, and can sell a lot more than the one the original author is using. I created a new web page design. Nothing fancy, just some simple, minimalist-type design. And I also created new e-covers, one DVD cover and one paperback book.

And then I looked at the copy. Maybe because it is meant to be a private label rights, it wasn’t really that good. It was OK, but I thought I could make it better by adding some of my personal experience and some proofs. I also changed the headline to something that is better, something short but arouse curiosity.

Another thing that I did was bought a new domain for the product. So that makes it look like a “real” product. I am sure you can afford $10 for a new domain, right?

Apart from that, I was contemplating about whether or not I should change the name of the product. I didn’t make any changes to the videos though. I can’t change much. And then, I also realized that the videos contain the name of the product itself, which I cannot change. So it’s not possible for me to change the name of the product. I don’t want my customers feeling confused when they bought Product A, but seeing Product B once the saw what’s inside.

So I decided to just let the product name remain. And because of that, I also maintained the author’s name on the product. But I also added my name along with it. It appears like we created the product together. When it’s a PLR, you can do that. And in the new “repackaged” version, we did actually. The original author took care of the content, I took care of the proofs, copy, website and marketing. On the website, I put my photo alongside with the original author.

Obviously, I use DLGuard to protect and deliver the product. It’s a breeze when you have a tool like that. Just plugin my Paypal address and I was ready.

If I remember this right, I bought the PLR product on a Saturday and begin my “repackaging” project. On Monday, I sent the first email to my list. I did a special 3-day offer. I used my PHP-Javascript Countdown to create the urgency. So I sent two more emails, one on Tuesday and one on Wednesday. So by the end of Wednesday, I grossed $1116.25. Not bad for a weekend project.

And since it did great with my list, I decided to try out some advertising. With this product, I thought that maybe I can get some sales from banner advertisement. As of right now, I have bought some banner ads from Performancing Ads. Since this time traffic will be coming from various place, I thought it’ll be great if I can know which website is sending buyers. So I defined some traffic goals in my Google Analytics. We’ll see how that goes. And I will blog about it later.

But back to the topic of private-label rights… Well, I am just sharing with you my experience. Something that you can takeaway from this is probably…

[+] Think about redesigning the website design
[+] Consider how you can add your own personal experience to the product
[+] Project your own personality in the copy too…

I guess, generally getting a PLR would be like getting a fixer-upper property. You need to think how you can make it better. Remodel it before you make sales…

All the best…


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