Review: Is Lynn Terry’s Elite Member for You (SSWT Elite)?

Before I tell you about SSWT Elite, let me tell you a little bit about my story and how I get started. It’s all related, I promise. Soon, you’ll know why I tell you this…

I remember when I started out years ago. I swayed here and there looking for the right way to make money online. I started out with a little luck when I saw my first ever website made $13 in commission from an affiliate sale. But after that, I got lost…

Back then, you hear this phrase being chime into your ears quite often, “The money is in the list”. What that means is that you need to build yourself a mailing list. A mailing list is almost like a guarantee to a long prosperous business life on the Internet. (that is the half true though)

While still building websites for affiliate commissions, I looked into the option of building my own mailing list. By the way, back then, you were also distracted by other huge online success like Yahoo, Hotmail and the hundreds of Internet business startups during the dot-com bubble. Almost everybody has a “great” idea for the Internet. So did I…

So honestly, it was a confusing time when I was starting out. Maybe it was for you too.

But in my search for a way to make money online, I found Lynn Terry and Andre Chaperon.

Lynn is a mommy from Florida. She has a website and forum that helps people understand what it takes to make money online. That website is (SSWT). Apart her technical skills with web design, her personality shines where she is caring, helpful, and just overall a nice good person. She has a really good voice too.

Andre came from South Africa and later migrated to Unite Kingdom. He got serious with affiliate marketing and info-products using paid advertising like Adwords. Andre put out some really good live case study and you can tell that Andre has a knack for business and internet marketing. He is a sharp guy and knows how to implement a marketing campaign really well on the Internet.

Lynn and Andre both founded Turning Ideas Into Dollars (TIID).

TIID is a private forum. People join the forum to bounce ideas and seek guidance on building their internet business. It’s a great place to hangout, learn from each other, network and of course bounce some ideas around without having to worry about it being snatched by others.

And joining TIID has to be a turning point in my online business career.

During the times when I was lost, not knowing what would work and what would not, I guess I did one thing right – by joining TIID. Mind you, this is when I don’t really have much to spare to join a membership site. I just graduated and just started working as a programmer in a local company.

But I guess because of Lynn and Andre, they attracted all the right people in TIID. I launched when I was in TIID. And the people in there offered tons of helped. I got help with editing, sales copy, design critiques, and even joint venture partners. is something that exploded for me. I built a huge mailing list in just a short time.

Mind you, I tried list building before and it went flop… embarrassingly.

Unfortunately, Andre and Lynn, at one point decided to close down TIID. I don’t really know the reason why, but I believe they both wanted to focus on other things, and TIID was taking too much time and effort.

Andre went on and got really good with pay-per-click advertising and affiliate marketing. Lynn, as you know it today is a huge blogger and affiliate marketer. I believe Lynn is more into SEO method rather than paying for traffic.

But anyway, if TIID is still around today, I would advise you to join that private forum right now. But TIID is not around anymore today. So I guess that’s the bad news.

But I do have good news.

The good news is that there’s something better that you can join.

I guess Lynn Terry is just a caring, helpful person. She has been helping people since she started years ago. And I guess she realizes that some people wanted more than just a forum at SSWT. So after years of the closing of TIID (yep, it took years), Lynn Terry opened up SSWT Elite.

I guess maybe Lynn is more prepared now than before. She closed TIID for some reason (whatever that was). And I believe she needed to grow herself and sort things out in her personal life. If you’ve been following her, you know that her kids are all grown-up now, and she seems really happy with the giant great dane and she is traveling a lot more to conferences and seminars.

And I am grateful that Lynn started SSWT Elite. It’s long overdue. To me, and maybe the people from the old TIID, SSWT Elite is like the New TIID.

So if you are starting out, or you would like to be in a place where you can bounce your ideas, or you feel lost, not knowing what to do next when it comes to building your online business, I would like to invite you to join SSWT Elite, where Lynn, other members and I will be there to help you.

So what’s inside SSWT Elite?

First of all, SSWT Elite works as an extension to the forum at You become a member at SSWT and you can upgrade yourself to an Elite member.

What can you do there?

Well, if you’ve always wanted professional advice on what directions to take with your business, this is the place. Instead of paying professional consulting fees, you just pay small monthly fees. And Lynn Terry herself is very active at the forum, responding to almost every question in there.

You can start a new thread about your project in SSWT Elite. You can consider that as your personal drawing board to keep yourself in check with your own progress, while Lynn and other members comment, provide reviews, advice and also help out with things that they can.

I think this is among the best part in SSWT. Starting a “project thread” has helped many members accomplish what they set out to do. And the members also help them stay in check, making sure that you do what you set out to do.

It’s kind of like your own personal support group when doing your online business. Well, you know how it is when you set out to do something different. Your family can’t really say much except some smile and words of encouragements. Your friends, not only do not understand what you are trying to accomplish, some might even ridicule you.

It’s a good thing there’s SSWT Elite where you can always come back to, to charge up that depleting motivation battery and keep you running.

Well, I guess, I always get that warm fuzzy feeling when I am in SSWT Elite.

There’s also another thing that Lynn does in SSWT Elite. It’s the Monthly Elite Challenge. Every month, Lynn will start a new topic that you can participate or simply learn from. These challenges are like “Info-Product Creation” and it follows with some discussion on why you should get into this, guide on how to do it, case studies on how others done it and later on, other members will pitch in on how they are doing with their Monthly Challenge.

At another month, the challenge could be different like “Guest Blogging” – where you aim to get people to guest blog on your blog, or you yourself guest blog on other people’s blog and increase your own blog traffic.

This is fun to follow as the month unfolds. You will see how others are doing it and sometimes you get some really great case studies to learn from.

But on top of that the forum and group, Lynn Terry also organizes weekly live webcast for Elite members. It’s called the Brainstorming Hour. Lynn checks up on projects and comments on them. And you can ask questions, let people know where you are with your project, what you are doing and also advice others as well.

The best part is that you get feedback from Lynn and other members live.

What I like about the Brainstorming Hour, though there’s no face-to-face time, to some extend you feel like you are really getting to know the other members. When you start to feel that way, chances are others start to feel the same way about you. This will make it easy when you need to find a partner for a certain project or maybe even joint venture partners.

I try to join the webcast almost every week. So you may find me there too. But because of timezone issues, I might not be there sometimes.

I think there’s a lot more that you can get out of SSWT Elite. But I think this is all that I can put in writing. And I am sure SSWT Elite is way more than what you read here. It’s something that you have to experience for yourself.

But if …

you’d like to have a support group to turn to with your online business,

or you just want to hangout with like-minded people, who understands online marketing, the works and the things that you are going through,

or you’d like a place where you can bounce your ideas, seek feedback, opinions, reviews,

or you seek help, guidance, advise on what to do next with your business,

or you want all of the above…

Then, I think SSWT Elite is for you.

I can’t really decide this for you. I don’t know where you are with your business right now. But I want you to know that in SSWT Elite, there are pros, newbies and people who are somewhere in between when it comes to Internet marketing.

The newbies come to get started. The pros stay because they like the environment in SSWT Elite. And you, I can’t make up a reason for you.

But I do urge you to at least check out SSWT Elite. Because if you ask me, I love it there. And maybe you will too…

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