XSitePro 2 Review, What You Need To Know

XSitePro v2 is just out. Now, everybody is promoting it. Me included…

Why I am promoting XSitePro? Because I have it. I use it. And I know that it really is a good software.

And I am going to admit it right here, I am an affiliate (have been since version 1). And I earn commission from the sales. It’s what I do to make a living…

So how do I tell you about XSitePro without appearing like a cheesy salesman?

It’s hard…

Let me tell you what I am going to do. I am going to tell you all the bad things about XSitePro first, before telling you why you should get it.

So here goes…

XSitePro – Who don’t need XSitePro…

It’s a funny place to start. But I want you to know right away if this is for you or not. If this is not for you, then you can steer clear from it.

Who won’t need XSitePro…

It’s those geek web designers and programmers, who only wants to earn by selling their hours. Because for them, they don’t need to make many websites and making money with affiliate programs and Adsense.

They want to really dig into PHP, do custom programming, explore their capabilities with CSS, HTML, and AJAX.

When you are into those kind of things… like…

  • programming
  • exploring CSS
  • building themese for Joomla, WordPress, phpBB, etc
  • advanced web design

Then, XSitePro may not please you. As powerful as it is, XSitePro is not a web development tool. When I say “development”, I am referring to more advanced web tech like PHP, AJAX, CSS, XHTML.

XSitePro is not a swiss army knife for the programmers and the designers…

What XSitePro cannot do…

Some people may have a misconception about what XSitePro is.

I’ve heard funny stories about people wanting to use XSitePro for their blog, their shopping cart, their forum, their portal, etc… funny…

While some may argue that you can use XSitePro for blogging, showcasing a product catalog and what not, I don’t think that XSitePro is the best tool to do that.

If you want a blog, a forum or a shopping cart, it’s best if you get one of those PHP scripts like WordPress, phpBB or ZenCart.

Because XSitePro is not built for that.

So should I get or not?

Choosing templates in XSiteProXSitePro is created to simplify the process of building a website. This makes it easy for the newbies, and becomes a powerful tool for the pro marketers.

Many times, as a bum marketer, SEO marketer, affiliate marketer, internet marketer, all that you want is to do is build a website and test out your idea. Of course, your
website needs to be built in a certain way…

That’s where XSitePro comes ahead… way ahead…

XSitePro helps you build websites…

… fast,
… easily,
… that are SE-friendly,
… that are human-friendly,
… that is ready to be monetized

So if you want to build websites, websites like…

… content website for affiliate marketing
… content website for Adsense
… personal website
… company’s website
… squeeze page website to build mailing lists
… search engine friendly website
… virtual real estate
… direct response sales letter website

… then XSitePro is for you.

Even if you don’t build these types of websites everyday, but if at some point of your work you need to build a website like these, then XSitePro is for you.

It’s really easy to build a website with XSitePro that once you use it, you don’t want to use anything else.

Insert audio in your website easily...The features I like the most in XSitePro…

XSitePro is a powerful website builder. It’s pack with tons of tools to help you with

… website building,
… the marketing,
… monetization

When you have ONE software that helps you with all three of that, what more can you want. I can’t really tell you about all the features in XSitePro. That will take too long. But I can tell you about the features that I like the most…

Multi-Page Creation Wizard

I remember when I was building mini-sites for affiliate programs, I would compile all of the possible search phrases and build web pages for each of them. My aim is to try to get search engine traffic later when my mini-site is ready.

And I remember how tedious and boring it was when I had to copy, paste and rename HTML files for each of the search phrases I found. I would do it over and over again until I have a HTML file for each keyword on my list.

That time, I wished that there would be a software where I can just drop my keyword list and all of the HTML fils will be created, according to my code preference, of course.

And what do you know, XSitePro does just that. Just look it up under the Pages.

Easy Monetization – Adsense, Amazon, Paypal, Oxado…

Putting Adsense code, Amazon code, Paypal button (if you are selling something) has never been easier. These “widgets” are just some of the features you will find in right-click when you are in the page editing tab.

And with Amazon, you have three different types of ads that you can put one your website. I am sure, with what ever topic you chooose, there’ll be books that you can promote on the side. Why not use Amazon…

Easy Page and Navigation Management…

I remember using a normal web design software, updating links and menus is a tedious part. Especially when you want to update breadcrumb links, because they are different in every pages.

In XSitePro, this has become a lot easier.

What if you can just organize your web pages in any way you want and the nagivations will follow. You can create a directory, pages with sub-pages, and even more sub-pages.

You can move pages up and down the list, in and out of the hierarchy, or even delete.

All the links on the menus, on the footer, the sidebar, the sitemap, and even on the breadcrumb, all will follow how you organize your pages.

And love the breadcrumb the most. You can turn it off and on if you want. But I like using the breadcrumb links on my website because it makes it human-friendly.

This is why I feel that XSitePro is more like a content management rather than just a simple website builder. The only thing is, while many content management are scripts that you need to install on your server, XSitePro is an application that resides on your computer.

Search Engine Optimization Tools…

It’s important that you build your website so that it gets high rankings in the search engines. And I don’t know of any other website building software that is so packed with SEO tools.

Let me just list them out for you. Their names will tell you what they can do.

  • Google Map Generator
  • Site Map Generator
  • Robot.txt Generator
  • Website SEO Analysis
  • RSS Feed Generator
  • Social Networking Links
  • XML Syndication
  • Website Siloing Tool *awesomely cool*

With all these tool, you know that your website is prepared for the search engine robots. When you use all these tools, you don’t have to worry about the on-site optimization.

What you need to do next is focus on your off-site efforts like link building, distributing articles and others.

And a lot of other tools…

And there are more. But I just can’t tell you all. Let me just list a few things…

  • create a version of your website for mobile devices
  • built-in FTP for website upload and updating
  • content scheduling
  • easily include audio and videos in your website
  • flexible template and layout system
  • easily put in graphical boxes, buttons, etc
  • graphical menus
  • *awesome* pre-write content and schedule publishing
  • easily create forms
  • create a site-wide search form
  • built-in spell checker
  • built-in thesaurus
  • source code editing — for advanced users
  • website preview tool
  • website import and export capabilities
  • change website template and design at anytime
  • import web pages from Dreamweaver and Frontpage
  • save projects as templates, sell templates or for own use
  • easy backup and restore
  • token or parameter settings during multi-page creation
  • stored code snippet (like favorite affiliate links, etc)
  • image library
  • easy integration with GetResponse, Aweber, XMailPro
  • *cool* scripts like banner rotator, image gallery, more
  • easily create tab menus
  • easily create pop-up windows, with styles and effects
  • file/resource manager
  • page settings like file name, meta, etc…
  • and many more…

So What Now??

Well, here’s what I think…

Since you are on my list, I am sure that at a certain point you will need to build websites. And you want to do it fast, yet it has to be at least good enough for the search engines and the human visitors.

XSitePro is the best shortcut to that — period!

And in my honest opinion, you should get it… unless you are one of those geeky web developers who’d rather earn from trading your hours then developing some passive income streams from the Internet.

OK, OK… there’s nothing wrong from earning from the skills that you have. But there’s no harm in building a passive income stream on the side. Who knows, your passive income can exceed your freelancing gig… :)

Alright, on with the next part…

The Limited Time $100 Discount

XSitePro is selling for $297. But right now, you can get it for $100 less. So it’s only $197. But I am sure, with all the new enhancement, this price is only going to last for a month or so.

I really do believe that is a great software. And I believe you must get this now.

If you want to get it, then get it now.

Check out XSitePro right now.

Watch a video on what you can do with XSitePro.


$30 Rebate Plus Exclusive Bonuses…

On top of the discount that Intellimon is doing right now, I am also giving away a $30 rebate for every purchase made from my referral. So if you want an additional $30 off to your purchase, then click on this link to get XSitePro.

When you have made your purchase, email your purchase details to kidino[at]writetokidino[dot]com with the subject line “XSitePro Rebate Claim”. I will also be giving away secret gifts, like XSitePro templates I personally created for my customers. Don’t forget to include your Paypal email address as well.

Together with the $100 discount from Intellimon and my $30 rebate, you can get XSitePro 2 for only $167 instead of $197.


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  2. Marek Brezina said:

    Hi Kidino,

    What a great article!

    I really adore your wonderful newsletter.

    Keep up the good work!

    Best Wishes,
    Marek Brezina

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  4. Steve said:

    Hi Kidino,

    I’ve been thinking about purchasing xsitepro for anumber of months now. Your review helped seal the deal. I’ve just downloaded my copy. Yes, I did go via your link as way of saying thank you to u.

    I wouldbe interested to know if you have any good mini site templates which include video and a contact form already formatted that I could use?

    Keep up the great work here.

  5. Connie Wilson said:

    I just purchased a new template (windows based) and need web editing software–My version of Dreamweaver is older and not the greatest! Can I get a free demo version of XSitePro to try?

  6. Kidino said:

    I don’t think they have a demo version, but you do get a 1-year money back guarantee

  7. matt said:

    You are promoting xsite Pro here but this site is not an xsite pro site is it?

    It’s a free wordpress blog!

    Think I’m going to follow your lead and get myself a wordpress blog instead.


    “Listen to what I say but don’t watch me too closely”

  8. Kidino said:

    Hello Matt,

    You are right, this a WordPress blog. But you use different tools for different things. If you read my review closely, I mentioned about where and when you should and should not use XSitePro.

    XSitePro is for mini-sites, content-sites, squeeze pages, etc… and definitely not for blogs, shopping cart, forums, etc.

    I do have sites built on XSitePro, obviously not this one though. This is my “blog” where I write reviews, interviews, etc… When I blog, I use WordPress…

    When I build content-sites, mini-sites, etc… I use XSitePro.

    You need to use the right tool for the right things…

    If you feel WordPress is the tool for what it is your doing, by all means, go ahead…

  9. Mark said:

    I bought Xsite through his link and have never received my $40 rebate. He will not even answer my emails. SCAMMER!

  10. Kidino said:


    A scammer I am not.

    I did answer your email, and I answered it, twice. It appears you didn’t get them. But anyway, your rebate claim is in my list. It will be processed in 45 – 60 days, when I get my commission from your purchase.

    Try checking your Junk/Spam folder again…

    I am going to leave your comment there, because everybody else should know about it and should know my response.

  11. Steve said:

    Hi Kidino,

    I thought I’d let other people see a couple of websites I’ve knocked together using xsitepro to back up your review (not for blantant publicity). I’m not a programmer, I a marketer and this program is a god send.

    Simple Squeeze page
    see http://www.maximumprofitsinminimumtime.co.uk

    Simple Content site with video demo
    see http://www.referralslips.com

    I have a number of other landing pages but they are not on their proper domains yet. Using this tool I now also provide a service to business owners to help create their ebook and create the landing page as well.

    So this tool has really increased the speed of creating sites for me.

  12. Lee said:

    XsitePro takes some getting used to because it works differently than than the thypical HTML editor, but once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty slick. I bought my copy at the end of December and received my rebate on Feb 7th. Thanks Kidino!

  13. Rogerio Job said:

    Hi Kidino,

    Thanks for $40 rebate and bonuses!

    I feel like I steal you because XSitePro really rocks and your bonuses are very cool.

    Rogerio Job – Brazil

  14. Steve said:

    Hi Kidino,

    I order xsite thru your link in October but never got around to ask for the rebate. I’m not too worried about the rebate would would love to see the bonuses. Could you email me.

    Thanks Steve.

  15. Sherman said:

    Hi Kidino,
    I have received your $40 rebate for my copy of XSitePro that I bought in Dec 08. Thanks again for your great offer and would like to highlight to all that Kidino is a man of his word as he really passed on the rebate to us after he received his affiliate payout from XSitePro. It’s really a terrific deal Kidino has offered to those who bought XSitePro from him but please be patient to receive your rebate from Kidino.

    Sherman – Singapore

  16. Scott Martin said:

    Hi Kidino,

    I purchased XSitePro 2 using the above rebate link (Highlighted in red) on 2nd December 2008. I received the $40 rebate, paid directly to my Paypal account, on 15th December 2008.

    The communication from Kidino was excellent throughout and I never doubted his authenticity at any time.

    In addition to the very helpful rebate the bonuses that Kidino included were very much appreciated.


    Scott – Scotland

  17. Lynn said:

    Hey Kidino,

    I just purchased xsitepro through you. It didn’t give me options to forward my receipt to you. How can I get my receipt to you and pick up your rebate and bonuses?


  18. Giulio said:


    Can you build blogs with xsite pro?


  19. Steve Worden said:

    I am working on putting together a website of reference material for those with disabilities. The site will allow users to click on links to take them to other websites and also have multiple pdf document links they can access. It will be a 21-page site. I am use to frontpage at work and it contains thousdands of pdf and html pages. Is this possible with xsitepro?

  20. Kidino said:

    I don’t see why not… :)

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  22. Michael said:

    Hi Kidino,

    can you tell me if with XSitePro I can create a three column website like this?



  23. Kidino said:

    @Michael, saw the site. A site like that with XSitePro? Sure, no problem.

  24. Steve Crane said:

    @Michael, You can just use one of the standard templates to replicate this site in XSite-Pro. It will take you less than 1hr to complete.

    Hope this helps.

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  26. kelvin said:

    hi, i am interested in buying xsitepro and came across your site. just wondering is the rebate still available? since this post was written more than 2 years ago..

  27. Zen said:

    hi, i am interested in buying xsitepro and came across your site. just wondering is the rebate still available? Please let me know so YOU can help me make my BUYING decision. Thanks.

  28. Amati said:

    i, i am interested in buying xsitepro and came across your site. just wondering is the rebate still available? since this post was written more than 2 years ago… Thanks

  29. Kidino said:

    Yep, still giving out rebates.

  30. Derek said:

    Great. So your still offering some templates as a bonus and a $30 paypal rebate? Do you know if xsitepro includes xheaderpro or is that a separate product? Wasn’t sure if they created xheaderpro for folks that just want to create headers from the xsitepro package or it is a totally separate piece of software. Thanks.

  31. XSitePro 2 Review, What You Need To Know -- MiniSiteGallery.com said:

    XSitePro 2 Review, What You Need To Know — MiniSiteGallery.com…

    [...]I’ve just downloaded my copy. Yes, I did go via your link as way of saying thank you to u. I wouldbe interested to know if you have any good mini site templates which include video and a contact form already formatted that I could use? …. Inter…

  32. John Carroll said:

    I just purchased the software and am looking forward to creating the companies new web site. I have been using an old version of dreamweaver and am many times really pressured for time so this should help me out alot. I will summit the rebate through my PayPal account yet today.

  33. Kidino said:

    Just sent out a batch of rebates. If I miss anyone, write to me.

  34. Shayne Durward said:

    Hello there: Wonderful discovering your site. It looks like I will be coming back soon.

  35. Robert said:

    Hello. Just wanted to make sure you’reAre you still giving rebates…. are you? Thanks.

  36. Kidino said:

    Yep, still do…

  37. George xsitepro templates guy said:

    yes, I agree xsitepro takes care of the boring and easy stuff, with the wizards and stuff, still waiting on a great contact form that caches spam

  38. xsitepro templates said:

    by the way, any suggestions for a contact form, a wizard or some simple code?

  39. Curtis Rasmussen said:

    Why do you recommend against using XsitePro for building a Product Catalogue site?

  40. Curtis Rasmussen said:

    Also, I built my first website in XsitePro and then decided to experiment with different templates. I didn’t save it with the new templates, but it altered my website permanently. I even did a restore from prior to changing the template to get rid of the problem but it remained. (It left grey vertical lines about 1/4 inch wide.)

  41. Evelyne said:

    Are you still giving rebate?

  42. kashosot said:

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