Should I Re-Publish My Newsletter In My Blog?

The secret is out — I share really cool stuffs in my newsletters. I maintain a handful of mailing lists., and are the main ones.

And here are some feedbacks I get recently…

Awesome email.
That’s a print-outter.



Yours is one of a very select few newsletters I read faithfully. I appreciate the fact that you do not push a product down my thought every time you send me an email. I have learned a ton from reading your stuff.

Ken Seal

Hey Kidino,

Thanks for your email. I really like the way you always provide good information and seem helpful in your tone. I really appreciate it as I am sure that many others do as well.

Francois Van Der Merwe
Sydney, Australia

Hi Kidino,

What a good informative email… and perfect timing!

Alex Major

Great email Kidino!
It’s a pleasure to get so much valuable info for free! ;)

Mitch Powell

Wow, this is one of the most useful emails I’ve ever received. Even though you are plugging a product, you are still providing valuable information (ex: links to other WordPress plugins).



Well, I know that I can get more content at if I publish my newsletters here. But I always thought that my newsletter is something sacred. I like keeping good stuffs those who take the time to subscribe.

Anyway, recently I shared about the two ways to building membership sites using WordPress. And I continued with the 5 plugins out there that can turn your WordPress into a membership site.

Most recently, I shared about how to turn your info-products into DVD products. I wrote about the fulfillment service that I am using right now (and it’s not Kunaki). Also a few tips on how to create better DVD product.

OK, how about we do it this way.

Give me your comment on this. Tell me if you are only my blog reader, or you are my subscriber as well. I want to know who you are and what you think about all these.


20 Responses to “Should I Re-Publish My Newsletter In My Blog?”

  1. tyron said:

    however can you post a tutorial or entry on editing the template images for us newbies… thanks a million!

    I like a few others I have seen on here love the templates we just don’t know enough to take advantage of what a wonderful resource they are….

  2. Michael said:

    I think that you should probably use them on your blog; after all, you wrote them, right?

  3. Ray said:

    Now I remember where I saw your name…
    Was chatting with you in the “easily answered…”
    I am on your list…

    1-The purpose/goal of your newsletters/ezines is to help people
    2-Would assume you would want to help as many as you can – spread your reputation and influence
    3-A blog is just another channel that you can use to reach new people and help a wider audience and can also be used as a new entry point into your product funnel

    So I would ask, “Why wouldn’t you post on your blog also?”

    From a seo point of view you might consider dedicating a single blog/domain to your ezine’s content. That is what I do with my newsletter content which is a bit different then my regular blog’s content.


  4. Cheryl said:

    Kidino, I always read your newsletter email, but today I came to your blog to leave a message. Now I know I can read them here and find even more great stuff. I’ll be back! Thank you for all you share with us.

  5. Martin Bigler said:

    thanks a lot for your always excellent content. I like it. Running my own blog with educational content and more, I feel you should give a short glimpse on the blog but keep the higher value on your ezine for loyal subscribers only. I do this the same way with my Newsletter. This creates interested subscribers and at the same time a good post for the blog.

  6. Alex Newell said:

    I am looking at this problem myself Kidino

    On balance I think it makes good sense to publish newsletters in a blog perhaps an edited version.

    I’m sure you can find ways of making your mailing list special while publishing the bulk of the info in your blog

    All The Best


  7. Doug Stewart said:

    Hi Kidino

    I guess it depends if you’d like to encourage more people to visit your blog. Personally I would post content rather than send out a newsletter unless I had a special promotion to offer and then let my readers know when a new subject had been added.

    Best wishes


  8. Stephanie Trahd said:

    Hi Kidino!

    I would definitely post your ezines on your blog – it’s a great way to get subscribers by giving them a preview of your content, and it’s also great food for the google spiders ;)

    At the beginning or end of each post, I would have a static comment like – “Like what you’re reading? Don’t miss a single issue by subscribing to my popular ezine!”

    The goal is still to get ‘em on your list.

    Take care!

  9. Joe Mudd said:

    Kidino – I’d like for you to publish a newsletter archieve on your blog. It would make it easier for me to find past articles. I’m on your list.

  10. Dennis said:

    Hi Kidino!

    Long-time subscriber to your e-zine, and read your blog once in a while.

    I think that if you do re-pub the info from the e-zine you should only do it two or three months later. Give the faithful subscribers a jump on getting the benefits of the info.

    Then you could put a blurb in the blog with the info like “Here is a hint from my mm/dd/yy e-zine. If you subscribed you would already be taking advantage of it!”

    Onwards and Upwards!

  11. Michele Corey said:

    There are pros and cons to every thing…yes posting your content on your blog would bring more potential readers, but if every one knows that they don’t “need” to open your ezine and can go to the web the sense of urgency / being time limited that moves people into action will begin to fade and I bet would affect the responsiveness.

    I really appreciate the content and think, leave it in the ezine and incent people to sign up and take action. The greatest compliment you can receive is both a purchase and someone referring a friend. Maybe that is the added tactic – a reminder to refer a friend.

  12. Chad Cook said:

    Sure why not… just don’t Re-Publish the content right away….

    Maybe post it a few months later.

    Cheers :)


  13. tyron said:


    Forgive my off-topic post up above… (I checked out DIYMinisite) – I owe you big time! I at least gotta buy a product from you….

    Personally I do better reading your emails, but for SEO purposes and for those who read blogs more, you should post them, can’t hurt!

    Thankful for Kidino

  14. Lindon said:

    Yes, I think republishing your email tidbits on your blog is a great idea. You need to spread the word to everyone.

  15. 5 WordPress Membership Plugins You Can Consider -- said:

    [...] recently, I asked my ezine subscribers whether I should repost my ezines in this blog. And most of them said yes. In case you are wondering, I asked them about that because I want to [...]

  16. Kidino said:

    Thanks you guys… great feedback.

    So, I did… republishing one of my ezine content already. My plan it to put it all under category called Ezine Archives. You know, I write more to my subscriber than I write on my blog. This should increase the number content here…

  17. Sally said:

    Hi Kidino

    I was a reader of your newsletter but will now be a regular visitor to your blog.

    Sally :)

  18. Kidino said:

    Don’t forget — email subscribers get the good stuff first…

  19. Catherine said:

    Hi Kidino,

    Thanks for the great article about secret linking. I will be sure to use the information.

    Yours is one of the first newslettersI read, and I love coming to your blog. You have helped me many times.

    Having as much content as possible is important, so I think it would be a good idea to post your newsletters to your blog – or create another blog and link the two. You can always send them to your subscribers a day earlier if you want your subscribers to “get the good stuff first” as you said.

    Thanks for everything, and for giving us the opportunity to provide some feedback.


  20. peter mcgrath said:

    another great and useful post but may i ask a question can you show me how to use your templates to build a mini site with an opt in page etc
    many thanks
    peter mcgrath

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