The FOUR most important things about UPSELLING…

Hmm… You know what I think when I am thinking about upselling… I think we haven’t been upselling enough. OK, maybe the thought of upselling makes you wanna puke… But you can’t deny that upselling makes you more money…

There’s nothing wrong with upselling. It’s just that you have to do it right.

Upselling could be the difference between earning $10k to earning $100k. It’s not about taking advantage of your customers. It’s about making valuable recommendation and increasing your per customer value…

Even the big corps upsell. And there’s no reason why you should not do it. upsells… When you browse through books at, Amazon will always make a recommendation. It says something like, “Best Value – Buy Together Today: $19.36″ or maybe “Frequently Bought Together”.. and Amazon will suggest one or two more books to buy with the current book you checking out for a good discount. upsells… GoDaddy will always have something for you to add to your shopping cart. If you are taking the dot-com, GoDaddy will recommend the dot-net, dot-org and the rest. GoDaddy will also recommend other premium domains. If you are buying, they’ll recommend premium domains like or…

The thing is with the Internet marketing niche, the only upsell that you normally see is the one-time-offer (OTO). And having seen one too many times, you really feel sick of it.

You know what, OTO is not the only way to upsell…


I am about to share with you how you can effectively upsell when selling ebooks or any other digital downloadable products. But before that, let me take you through some of the important concepts…

  1. Offer related product

    When upselling, you need to be offering related product.It can be similar product or something that compliment the main offer. MacDonald’s offers you french fries with your Value Meal. offers related books. Some subscription website offers extended period upgrade.

    Alright, I also want to add about being ethical with this. You don’t want to be upselling just for the sake of upselling. Whatever you offer, it has to carry value to your customers. Something that they can use and will appreciate…

  2. Offer at the right time

    Upsell offers need to be presented at the right time. I personally think that the best time is when the customer is already DECIDED to buy your product. There’s no related product to offer when your customer has not decided on anything to buy yet…

    Imagine being car salesmen. It’s only when they customer agrees to buy a car that you can recommend the body kit, the tinted windscreen, the sports rim… and all that will match the car the customer chose.

  3. Create a reason why they must get it NOW

    Without a reason to grab your offer, it’s just another plain recommendation. With a plain recommendation, they know they can come back and get it later. And you don’t want that…

    There’s two part to this… first, it has to be a limited time offer. A natural way to do this is to upsell related product before the customer makes any payment. They know that when they submitted the payment,the offer will expire. Other sneaky tricks is of course using a countdown timer.

    Another reason is the PRICE. When upselling, you offer additional products at a discount. There’s no reason to grab your offer if it’s just the same price. They can always come back later for that.

  4. They have to get it RIGHT AWAY…

    I see some upsell offers get really complicated. Some bad example is like offering a discount on product A if they get product B, C and D. It’s like making the customers jump through hoops just so that they’ll grab your offer.

    Here’s the a tip — if they don’t get it, they won’t grab it (hey, that’s catchy).

    Let me give you some good examples. Upgrade to Large for just an extra $1. Get the second slice at 50% off.Extend to 1-year subscription for just another $10.

    In short, your upsell has to be dead simple!


Hmmm… having write this, I am starting to think myself. We always see upsells being offered at all the wrong places. I guess that’s why you get nauseous with OTOs. OTOs appear at a time when you least expected. You have not decided on buying anything yet you see an offer…

Just a note: this is different with squeeze-page-to-sales-letter. Squeeze page that leads to sales letter (like how Armand Morin always does it) makes it clear that they will see a sales letter about the product on the other side.

It’s all about how making how the customer feels…

I believe the best time to upsell are below…

  1. At the checkout, before the customer enters payment information. If you use Paypal, before they get to Paypal. But first display the item that they are buying, just like how e-commerce sites display the content of the shopping cart. And below that, list some products for upsell
  2. At the download page. When you sell downloadable products, the customers would have to go to a download page. A good download page is one that will expire after a certain period of time. That means each of your customers will have their own unique download page URL.

    Imagine this, from the first moment they open that download page, a 30-minute countdown will start. Now your customers only have 30-minute to decide whether to grab your offer or let it pass… Because it’s a discounted offer, it make sense why you only do it for 30 minutes.

    Of course, the download page itself expires much longer than that. Maybe 7 days or so.

    That’s a good trick to have, right?

  3. In thank you email. While the purpose of the thank you email is to send purchase information, there’s no rule saying that you can’t send a few recommendations. And this recommendation can land on that thank you page with the 30-minute countdown timer… that’s cool, right??

I believe these are the best places to upsell. However, I don’t know of any scripts or solution that helps info-marketers upsell at these places…

OK, maybe the email is pretty easy to do. But the other two may require some technical knowledge for those.

Hmmm… sure does light up a bulb above my head…


11 Responses to “The FOUR most important things about UPSELLING…”

  1. Mikhail said:

    Thanks! Very good article and UPSELLING-System!

    Kidino you can make a product from it.

    Best Regards,
    Mikhail Trishin

  2. Terence said:

    Good information Kidino. Setting all this up manually is a lot of work so I use Rapid Action Profits which is a highly versatile website script and a low-cost solution that makes it easy to do upsells and lots of other things.

    If you don’t have the money to spend on scripts like Butterfly Marketing but still need an automated selling solution then I can recommend Rapid Action Profits highly.

  3. Henryb said:

    Good one Kidino,
    your information is of great value as I’m about to monetize an old site of mine.

    Like all sales tactics it must be tested.
    By what we see being applied to most “Guru” sales sites, it is generating additional sales, regardless if we like it or not.

    Keep up the good work and sharing information.
    Wishing you well,
    Henryb, Australia

  4. Artemiss said:

    Thanks for the good information. Will use it in the furture.
    Keep up the good work.

  5. Stephanie said:

    Hey Kidino – nice article! My favorite place for the upsell is #2 above – after they’ve already paid. I’ve noticed sometimes if people are upsold before they reach the payment processing page, they’ll abandon their shopping cart. But I like how you structured #1 – putting the upsells on the same page and allowing them to add them to their shopping cart. Thanks for a new perspective Kidino!

  6. Kidino said:

    Actually, I wrote this after creating some custom programming for Lisa the Piano teacher. It’s for tidying up the sales process and upselling a few other products along the way (it was a bit messy and confusing before I came in)

    But all that coding made me thinking. You know what? I have this idea where to create a new software (script) where it will deliver digital products and at the same time help you upsell other products along the sales process… (BTW, it will also create you a nicer, cleaner, quickly understandable, and more profitable sales process)

    Anybody interested in something like that??

  7. Blog Profits said:

    Thanks for sharing Kidino hope can hear more info from :smile:

  8. Elaine Baker said:

    Hi Kidino
    Excellent info – I know that OTO can get a bit annoying at times and I’ve been thinking of a way without having to use the OTO.

    I’d like to give the Paypal one a go and if Stephanie can possibly let me know how she does it that would be brill – I’m sure a few people would like to know.

    Keep up the good work


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