Upgrading To WordPress 2.5 With DreamHost’s One-Click Install Is Surprising Fast, Easy And Convenient

DreamHost.com\'s One-Click Installs

MiniSiteGallery.com is powered by WordPress, both the gallery and the blog. And recently WordPress released another new version, the 2.5.

There a lot of new improvements in WordPress 2.5, including nicer, more intuitive interface. But that’s not why I upgraded. You see, you need to follow with the currently supported version, with any software you use, especially if your business depends on it.

Upgrading to a new version can be a hassle. I was worried about plug-in compatibility. I have a few plug-ins that I use right now that is critical to make MiniSiteGallery to what it is right now. You may recognize some of them like the submission form, the ratings,etc… But I thought I had to give it a go to really know what could go wrong.

After looking around for awhile, I remember that I installed my WordPress at MiniSiteGallery.com using DreamHost’s One-Click Install. Yep, we are one DreamHost, an excellent web hosting if you ask me. So I looked back at my control panel if there anything like a One-Click Upgrade

What do you know? They do!

It’s not really called One-Click Upgrade though.. I just came up with that. It’s an option you have under the One-Click Install. Just to let you know, the upgrade service will not work if you installed the software yourself. If you installed things yourself, you can’t use upgrade service.

Upgrading WordPress with One-Click Installs

All that I had to do was click the upgrade button, and my WordPress was upgraded. I even got an email saying that my WordPress was upgraded, with a little instruction about a one-time database upgrade that I need to do. Even that was dead simple. All that I had to do to make sure the database is upgraded for the new 2.5 version is to run the Admin panel once and it’s all done.

And now, I am glad to announce that MiniSiteGallery.com is upgraded to WordPress 2.5.

So if you are planning on putting up a WordPress blog, then consider DreamHost. It’s WordPress-friendly. Even the one-click install is fun. Your WordPress comes pre-installed with a number of themes and necessary plugins. I can recall when I was installing one for MiniSiteGallery.com.


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