Win $500 In’s Mini-Site Design Contest


Alright, I need to get more mini-site templates into this gallery. So I am doing a mini-site design contest. And the late entry date is on 29 February 2008. Mini-site templates submitted after that date will still be included in the gallery, but not for the contest.

After that, I will activate the voting plugin for website visitors to vote for the winner. Last voting date is 31 March 2008. And on 1 April 2008, I will announce the winner.

Recently, I just emailed my list and invited them to join this contest. And I am trying to get more exposure from friends and colleagues too. I also mentioned about sponsorship if anybody is interested. And just this morning, my friend Peter Koning from Viral Sales Generator is contributing a copy of that famous software.

In case you don’t know, VSG is what I use for my

Oh yeah, on top of that, I am also putting aside my own $500 for cash prize.

You can read more about the contest at the gallery.

You can also learn about mini site template submission guideline at my submission page.

Oh yeah… I am still open for sponsors… write in if you’d like to be like Peter Koning to know about that.


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  1. Tim Franklin said:

    Very interesting concept, I look forward to following the contest.

    If you have any information on adverts, links, or other methods of support let me know.

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