WP Affiliate Guide Joins The Prize List

wpaffiliateguide-ss.jpgTeli Adlam is a friend I know from way back when I was in TurningIdeasIntoDollars.com. She really is a WordPress pro. I can bet that you can ask her anything about WordPress and she’ll have a solid answer for you…

Teli just contacted me that she’s contributing WP Affiliate Guide to the Contest prizes. WP Affiliate Guide consists of guide, videos, private site access to information on how to use wordpress to build affiliate sites.

WordPress really is a great tool and a powerful content management. Of course it requires a little learning curve. But if you can tame this beast, you can really have a great tool to build optimized affiliate sites faster than ever. And the best thing, WordPress can also help you with traffic.

So, the winner of the Mini-Site Design Contest will also get this. On top of that, there’s also the $500 cash prize, 30-Minute Backlinks and Viral Sales Generator.


3 Responses to “WP Affiliate Guide Joins The Prize List”

  1. Teli Adlam said:

    Hi Kidino (and all),
    Thank you for the warm announcement post, Kidino; I’m so glad that I’m able to participate and I hope the winner will find the WP Affiliate Guide useful in the long run.

    I just wanted to clarify a couple of things with the prize offering. Just to be clear, the winner will receive the WP Affiliate Guide course (i.e. ebook, videos, bonus items, and future updates), but will also receive access to the private forum and the Simple Link Manager plugin upgrades as well. :)

    ~ Teli

  2. admin said:

    Hey Teli, when it comes to wordpress, I know you are “the gal”. So I am really excited when I saw your email. Glad to have it on board…

  3. quadrant shower enclosures said:

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