ATTENTION: This is a demo of the Wood Light mini-site template, brought to you by Iszuddin Ismail (Kidino) from, home of the free mini site templates

Wood Light: Mini-Site Template Demo

Created By Kidino from


Wood Light was carefully created to help budding internet marketers with their website creation. Learn why you should use Wood Light and how it can make your life easier.

Wood Light Features

  • Easy Layout Editing With Tables
    Though you can create websites with zero tables, I decided to use tables instead. The reason for that is because HTML tables is less confusing and easier to manage, which is suitable for internet marketers as most of them are new to web building.
  • Clean Content With CSS Formating
    A little of Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) is used for text formating and background elements. All these can be modified and changed by editing the xstyle.css.
  • SEO-Friendly And Beautiful At The Same Time
    Important HTML tags for SEO like <H1>, <H2>, <H3>, <P>, <LI> are pre-formated with font face, size and color to better suit the whole theme. There no need to clutter your HTML with <FONT> tags anymore, making it cleaner and more SEO-friendly.
  • Draw Attention With Graphical Bullet List
    The Unordered List tag <UL> can also be tagged with a style sheet class. Using either the "nolist" or the "yeslist" value will bring out a cross mark or a tick sign, perfectly positioned to fit the design.
  • Expandable Testimonial Box
    For testimonials or even special information, you can use the testimonial box. It was created with a title area and a content area. It was designed to fit content of any size as it will expand as the content increases. You can see the example below.
  • Capture Leads With Graphical Opt-In Box
    Together with Wood Light is a graphical opt-in box. It is designed with a call-to-action text and content area to further explain your offer. The text field is not the normal text field but has been carefully created with gradient graphic image and CSS-positioning. Autoresponder integration guide included.
  • Photoshop PSD File Included
    To give you full control over the design, the PSD Photoshop file is also included. You can change, edit and customize the design in any way you like. Layers are nicely named to reflect their roles for easy understanding.
  • Not Just For Photoshop - Use Other Graphic Software
    I know that not everybody uses Photoshop. Therefore, I have prepared background graphics in high quality for the use with other graphic software. You can take the header-blank.jpg or the header-bar.jpg and begin creating your own header while staying in the theme.
  • Easy Header Graphic Customization
    Slicing images can be confusing. Therefore, I also give you a dedicated PSD file for the header. You can use that and start putting in your own title, objects, descriptions and many more... Save as a JPEG and replace the old header when you are done.
  • Easy Editing With Commented HTML Source Code
    I know that HTML can be confusing. Because of that, I have commented the HTML source code, highlighting places where you can add content, edit titles and more. Just look for <!-- START: ... --> and <!-- END: ... -->
  • Instruction Manual Included!
    To really make this template usable by many, I created a detailed manual explaining the table structure, image slicing structure, customization, integration and more. So don't worry about how to use this template. The manual will explain everything. Click here to view HTML manual.

Testimonial content goes here. What's important with testimonials is making it appear that the customers have used and benefited from your product.

A good testimonial points to actual parts of the product while sharing personal experience.



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