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By zaizen - Professional Graphics for YOUR Web Marketing - Ecover | Minisite/Web Design | Logo etc

4 Responses to “Frame”

  1. ladydia45 said:

    The photo clips at the top of the page are a different twist…I like them.

  2. zaizen said:

    Thanks for your compliment ladyia45. please vote 5 star at above 🙂 .
    My design style is kind of different on IM niche and i will post more free template soon. i dont like the old style design that you always see around the web. Actually, want to sent 3 design for this contest, including money making theme, but suddenly got a lot work to do that time..just sent one only. nvm, will sent later.

    Zaizen G

  3. Luvlee Wins Design Contest -- said:

    […] Frame by Zaizen […]

  4. arjunarais said:

    Thak’s for template

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