Green City Night

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28 Responses to “Green City Night”

  1. Interview with Mini-Site Designer, Alex Albert -- said:

    […] can contribute a mini-site template for And Alex has generously provided the Green City Night. It’s quite a nice style with the city background and a night theme. Check it out… […]

  2. dougaldaddy said:

    As usual Alex – Your Sites Rock and Shake. Great Stuff. dougaldaddy 5 Star

  3. ebe01 said:

    I really like this design!

  4. jbinfo said:

    Cool design!

  5. Cool Himawan said:

    Well done is nice

  6. dodol said:

    yup is nice

  7. tmc said:

    has anyone figured out how to edit the header where the title of the site goes, i haven’t been able to do that….

  8. admin said:

    New ZIP file has been uploaded which contains a new PSD. This time the “WebSite Name” is editable. Sorry for the problem…

  9. conceptjack said:

    can anyone help a noob? i cannot edit the β€œWebSite Name” tho i am able to edit the tag line – what am i doing wrong? new to Photoshop – thanks for any help!

  10. thor99 said:

    Very nice but I can’t editable the “website name”

  11. mmoconnor said:

    “Website name of this site” is still NOT editable. Do not download this file! One star! (only because it is not possible to give zero)

  12. matadon said:

    website name still not editable

  13. abu_ammar said:

    I like this site because very ellegant as my profile
    If you like with style of my profile you can click :

    You must be the best person……

  14. AA said:

    This is like Hulk in a web world, looks so powerfull πŸ˜€

  15. qzoners said:

    I’ve just download it and the title still cannot be editable. Please check this thing

  16. Syahid Arridho said:

    Saya coba yang ini aja ah. πŸ™‚

  17. usr12 said:

    This is a great template, thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ If anyone is interested I have altered the header.psd so that the title is editable. You can download it here:

  18. yosa said:

    Coba ini aja dulu.

  19. monet said:

    Thnx for the editable .psd usr12! This looks great!

  20. faiedz said:

    cannot edit the header…
    and usr12 – link not working…

  21. talenta said:

    susah didownload pak

  22. budi_well said:

    thanks for the nice template…

  23. nectariusinfo said:

    hey YOU are not a good owner SHAME!!!

    You give it free but is not editable…….dump!

  24. simpati said:

    it look very nice template

  25. uul said:

    Thanks… its amazing..

  26. riant said:

    thanks for thems… πŸ˜€

  27. purpar said:

    thanks bro…. its a nice templates

  28. tigefa said:

    why again! this file not be open?:( please reply my comment πŸ™‚ help me

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