Hour Glass

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By sahaini

6 Responses to “Hour Glass”

  1. ladydia45 said:

    Never cared for blue and red together as in the heading and the title website name is hard font to read for a headline.

  2. bird said:

    I love this template i think it is awsome, you did a great job. Keep
    it going. Can i use this anyway i want as to adding content.

  3. bird said:

    Love this template but just can’t edit the header where it say’s
    your website name and tagline goes here. I tryed several way’s but still can’t get it done.

  4. sahaini said:

    Hye bird, thanks.

    I’ve downloaded the zip file (Unzip and u will get all the editable files), and open with photoshop (template.psd), it still can be edited.

    Can u share here more details.

  5. Embun said:

    it is very cool template…thanks before from me embun dari indonesia

  6. BertaCollier said:

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