Night City

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By avy

20 Responses to “Night City”

  1. ladydia45 said:

    I would have voted this as my favorite but I don’t think the picture in the right hand side fits at all. The whole template design is magnificent with that one change ..just mho

  2. avy said:

    To ladydia45:

    Thank you.
    If you don’t like this part of header, you can make it invisible via Photoshop template. It is just simple.

  3. msgcrz27 said:

    I’m not sure about the lady on the right hand side. I may or may not leave her in. But the city is fabulous, and I will definitely put it to good use.

    Thanks so much


  4. mashengky said:

    cool template thoug

  5. edinburg said:


  6. Rimba said:

    please help me, how to make a website simply
    thax a lot !

  7. asrinovy said:


  8. sultonseth said:


  9. nagaku said:

    very 2 nice.. thanks very much

  10. testminisite said:


  11. sis77 said:

    thanks very much…

  12. ndowhome said:


  13. ucha said:

    very nice website ever…..

  14. dhony said:

    Aq akan belajar,..

    Terimakasih banyak,..

  15. raja1murah said:

    terimakasih banyak

    salam sukses

  16. kaleso2010 said:

    Thanks for your free minisite, i like it …

  17. awanda said:

    Please, I want to download but could not have the instructions?

  18. Shantsanzs said:

    Good . .
    Thank Somach . . . . .

  19. archetekt said:

    I downloaded this one, night city and another one came, hypercover. Can you please fix the link to download the correct one? It’s free! It should work perfectly. Thanks 8~)

  20. Rajib said:

    Makasih banyak atas ilmunya, semoga Allah SWT membalasnya dengan segala sesuatu yang sesuai dengan apa yang diharapkan s’lama ini, amin,,,,,,,

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