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By bayou2

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  1. More Entries Are In As Dateline Approaches… -- said:

    […] Secrets […]

  2. msgcrz27 said:

    I love the idea of the ‘secret’. You chose the photo well, and I love the colour scheme. It’s quite striking, and I can’t wait to use it.


  3. bayou2 said:

    Hi Catherine,

    Thanks for that – glad you like the Minisite and I hope you enjoy using it.

    Take care,

  4. mrcheap said:

    I am having trouble editing the site. I downloaded it, unziped it. But I need to know what to do. Can someone plase tell me and kinda walk me thru the steps. Please.

  5. bayou2 said:

    Hi mrcheap

    You will need Photoshop to edit the psd files. If you do not have Photoshop you can download a 30 day trial one for free here I am also sending you an email on the address you have provided to help you out a bit more.

  6. armyzx said:

    hi..1st time i login ere. i’ve same problem like mrcheap..can somebody tell me how i’m going to do with this template..kindly email me how to figure out.. i enjoy to learn something very new. thanx

  7. armyzx said:
  8. bayou2 said:

    Hi armyzx,

    You will need photoshop to edit the files or you can download gimp which is free. I have been told that it handles the photoshop files well although I have never been able to get on with it. It was a long time ago when I made this template but if I remember correctly, there are jpgs in the file that can be opened in any graphics program. If you have any questions just shoot me an email at – thanks!

    – Julie

  9. syachrul said:

    terima kasih banyak
    bravo bravo bravo
    buring 28072010

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