Submission Guidelines

  1. Your template must be compiled into a ZIP file. Use the form below to submit your template.
  2. ZIP file must contain HTML files, web graphics in GIF or JPG and also Photoshop PSD files.
  3. Template must include at least one companion e-cover design in PSD. e-Cover PSD files must include the flat version (for editing) and photorealistic version.
  4. Template must submitted with a screen shot in JPG format with 590 x 280 pixels in size.
  5. Template design must be own original work. You cannot submit designs from hired work (paid or unpaid).
  6. Because your design will be included in for free download, make sure that you ONLY USE photos and artworks that you have FULL RIGHTS to. Using photos and artwork from stockphoto websites will most likely have license and rights limitations when it comes to redistribution. So please do not use those.
  7. Rights. You own the rights to your work. But you agree to allow to distribute your mini-site template for free on the Internet. If your design is approved, it will be showcased for download in You will be credited for your creative work at all times. However, cannot control users who have download and used your mini site templates, and cannot be held responsible for their actions.
  8. You are free to include a link in your website template back to your website. In fact, I recommend that you do. However, users are always encouraged but not obligated to retain them.

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8 Responses to “Submit”

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  2. avy said:

    I’ve tried to submit, but it says file is too big. But there are no limitations mentioned. Tell me please what is the max file size.
    (My size was 3.9Mb).

  3. luvlee said:

    I’m facing the same problem as avy, tried many times but failed to send.

  4. admin said:

    There is a 3MB limit to the file size. Sorry guys. Hope you can keep it low.

  5. luvlee said:

    Ok, I just sent it:) Thanks..

  6. tonychel said:

    Hello Kidino,

    I just sent my template.
    Please let me know when you have it.

  7. Nasrun said:

    My file 0.4 bigger.. What should i do?

  8. alexx said:

    Use compression option when compressing. Mine is 3.4mb but I compress it to 1.5mb only.

    If you’re using 7zip, use add to archive menu, then select zip file type and at compression level choose ‘Ultra’.

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